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  1. Thats actually a valid point haha. I guess I'll rethink my display name 😂
  2. Yeah I just saw that I need to have a premium membership in order to change it. It's still pretty silly to me how much emphasis is put on a name..over the internet.
  3. So because my username is descriptive that's an indicator that i'm a man mascaraing behind a female avi? That's new to me honestly, I see a lot of different people with descriptive adjectives in their usernames or display names.
  4. All my proportions are pretty normal. I can agree with your last point though
  5. Not everyone on SL has legacy names but thanks anyways
  6. I have no pictures on the profile its self, but I have some stored in my inventory, it's rare i get asked for a picture but i'm not against it. But you're right, its kind of unfortunate they go these lengths, like if you want to see what I look like just ask. But it's just a never ending battle by the sounds of it. I appreciate your advice, definitely gonna ignore them
  7. I don't have any of those listed in my profile but my avi is sporting pig tails right now. 😂But , its crazy how they come up with these little "telltale signs" I just like my avi to look hyper-feminine. But thank you for your input, i'm not gonna fret over it.
  8. Based off the title, i wanted to get different perspectives on this problematic trend. On several occasions while in a sim, some random dude will IM me claiming i'm a guy as if he figured it out. I'll respond to them saying i'm indeed a female, and born with female parts but they insist that i'm not. While I don't feel the need to prove my sex to some random person on the internet, I am however curious as to what about my avi screams "THAT'S A DUDE!!"
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