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  1. I mean, I helped put together a syndicate group. Its a lot of work, but its great when things start running smoothly.
  2. That is so going into my "must use" phrase book.
  3. Used to be LL asked people to use their ID or SS# to prove their adulthood back when there was a teen grid. People got around that just using Elvis' SS#. Now its just a check box and a wink because there's no real way to know who actually is an adult.
  4. A few friends of mine decided to start a RP space. They settled on 1/4th of a sim because that's what they could afford without any effort. People came in, their traffic was solid and they were excited. People wanted to start renting on their place and that was great. The few space they had set aside filled up. More people wanted to live where they RP'd. So they decided if people wanted to rent they could take a risk and go up to half a sim. That's when things went downhill. People moved out, the "ooh shiny, a new sim" wore off, the traffic went down. Because traffic went down more people moved out. Eventually it was just them, me and some guy none of us could stand that was basically using their furniture for his hookups ignoring the theme of the sim. So they closed down because they couldn't afford the cost and the traffic bottomed out. People, can't trust 'em.
  5. About the only kind of RP burnout I suffer from is I can't find people for it.
  6. Though to be honest there are some people that have no IC/OOC split. I've had more than one person take an IC grudge OOCly.
  7. 100% THIS. Sim 1: "Our sim is using a World of Darkness theme. We have werewolves, vampires, mages and fae." Sim 2: "Our sim is using an Underworld theme with some changes. We have lycans, vampires, witches and faeries." Sim 1: Ours is set in New Orleans. Sim 2: Ours is set in a fictional town in Louisiana.
  8. Shoot, who doesn't wish they had a sugar daddy/momma with money to throw at a sim they want to run/play on. I sure know I don't have the cash to run somat I want to.
  9. As I teasingly said in my post This MP shop sells things like you're looking for. 24 one time use for 1L$, and I believe you can get them free in his shop.
  10. All the names she listed there are names of sims. I've visited most of them.
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