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  1. I know a dude that expects you to write a message on your boobs and send him a photo before he'll RP with you. That kinda cracked me up when I heard it.
  2. Oh, I was totally in the second camp, "Sorry, I understand you're upset but that really can't be a thing," etc.
  3. Speaking from the other side of the divide, in the times I have been an admin when I was nice to some people they'd just take that as an excuse to get more irate over whatever issue brought us into contact. If I was firm, and clipped we would keep things from escalating, when I was polite, and personable they'd keep pushing the issue as if by repeating their wants/complaints/demands getting more heated when I had to keep giving them the same answer. Admittedly, my job was stepping in when people were violating the rules, maybe its different for other admins but in my experience I either HAD to
  4. There's always BoM for the janky old stuff
  5. Nice to see someone that's going to be RPing a cop aaaaactually wanting to wear a uniform..
  6. Truth be told, this stuff doesn't work on me. I kind of figure its one of those things that people want to believe so it works on them. I just thought it was funny for OOOOOMNOMNOMNOM to be a trigger haha.
  7. This is the best photo I have taken to date. Its my friend Piglet and I standing together, she is in the white, I am in the blue.
  8. I admit, I really don't understand family RP sims.
  9. I have several, but the one that really gets on my nerves is the profile pick that boils down to, "I haven't actually read the ToS but if you IM me that's enough consent for me to share your IMs with whomever I please." Its not...
  10. SKYN takes into account hunger, thirst, sleep and exercise. It comes with food, weights, and a drink. You don't have to buy anything else.
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