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  1. I love arts and creativity. Definitely something that help me feel alive. More can be arts than we think. Anything related to creating. Writing for example. I like to do photography in SL. One thing to help me express myself. My interests: arts, science, designs, music, books, create, & fashion. I will send u an IM.
  2. what kinds of books do u read? i read lots of nonfiction
  3. i think often we feel lost 'cause the people game sucks
  4. do you have to pay monthly land maintenance fee to linden lab
  5. yea people who have nothing to talk about or you have to sit around and ask them all the questions, and that is the only thing that happens. i'm utterly confused. i'm an introvert but surely introverts and walls are different.
  6. I think decorating and building are on par with shopping right?
  7. oh "dont label," yet you are not open minded enough to accept someone who is just introducing themselves? When looking for people that share common interests, our best bets are to be specific. Too old to understand terms? Proceed to bash people? Google! Pretty sure the information age is here to help
  8. Yea, fine 2 weeks later Not much
  9. I get it !!!! So many people are like a wall.
  10. how to i see the end result? when i try to see my own profile, it shows [yourwebaddress Word]
  11. i'm staring at a skybox i wanna get. the creator doesn't mention the dimensions. how can i figure it out? of course he hasn't replied yet.
  12. i'm happy to chat. i'm also living on the east coast. so far i enjoy shopping and photography in SL. I admire lots of others' aesthetic and creations there.
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