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  1. yes i often find my encounters with the opposite sex very creepy/imposing on SL. sometimes i'm not even comfortable listening to how they talk much less seeing their faces and other things.
  2. yep i know how to get people background checks with just their general information like name age location. a phone number works like a charm. and crazy how readily available a phone number is. nowadays anyone can ruin someone else' life easy like a piece of cake.
  3. i met one person who serious wrote "stepped forward to touch her lips ...." after we just said hello & guess what his avi was creepy as hell.
  4. I love arts and creativity. Definitely something that help me feel alive. More can be arts than we think. Anything related to creating. Writing for example. I like to do photography in SL. One thing to help me express myself. My interests: arts, science, designs, music, books, create, & fashion. I will send u an IM.
  5. what kinds of books do u read? i read lots of nonfiction
  6. i think often we feel lost 'cause the people game sucks
  7. could u mention some awesome things anime taught u?
  8. i might be able to relate. some avis really straight up give me the creep
  9. yes so many people desperately try to sex someone up. i have this experience as a woman. they never talk to you about real contents
  10. What have your experience been? I met so many men who "demanded" I showed my whole face or there will be no relationship/friendship. Also people that are curious about your real life information but avoid to share theirs.
  11. depends on what one confident person tries to do and what past experiences have been. some norms are really nothing but failures. could u name some? if i don't want dickheads for partner, i entered a room with only 5% non dickheads, and i don't have that information. so does surveying how many dickheads are in the room make me not confident?
  12. lol "too close she will be scared." how close r we speaking?
  13. Confident people are not immune to failures. Confident people still need to learn and grow no matter how old they are.
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