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  1. Not a typical roof for a house. Just one slanted roof. Never mind. I found an angle calculator app for my phone. It's all good now. Thank you.
  2. I rarely use an angled roof because it takes too long to level it off, so I'm finally breaking down and asking for help. I've solved my issue good enough for now, but I know it's not perfect. There must be a math answer to my question. I used triangle prims on top of outside wall prims to support an angled roof. I've had a beer or three in case this doesn't make sense. Based on the dimensions of the triangle there must be an easy way to figure out the rotation of the roof that goes on top. Thanks. I'm sure the answer is simple. But I'm still stuck in RL thinking.
  3. Thank you all for your help. I like the Skybox idea. I never thought about stacking them. How high can I go and what's the minimum distance between for radio usage and stuff? I recently saw someone in my favorite Sandbox unpacking their Skybox and it had a cityscape image surrounding it. It was so cool I had to buy one, even though I didn't need it. SL does that to me. I have so much stuff that I've either used once or will never use. Even the idea of renting a stack of Skyboxes probably won't keep my attention more than a month. SL has been a wonderful distraction from RL. It's als
  4. Is it possible to start a media, in this case it's just a URL of an image file on my server. The way it works now is that the prim has to be touched for the photo to appear. Is it possible for a script to make the image appear when an avatar reaches a certain distance from the prim. I don't know anything about writing scripts, but I found a couple of sites that let me push a few buttons and create a script automatically. When it involves getting media to show up the way I want, they alway say the prim has to be touched. Thank you.
  5. Is there a tutorial regarding setting up an apartment/condo and renting out the units to others? I'm only finding land renting in my searches. I'm not ready to do this, but would like to know the pros and cons. I've seen high-rises but no activity around them, so maybe few people rent this way. Just working down my list of the million things I'd like to know about SL. Thank you.
  6. Thank you all. It makes sense now.
  7. Hi all, new guy here again. So when I buy something and rez it. I'm opening the container so I can copy its contents to my inventory. Now that I have the stuff in my inventory and want to use it, when I drag it out to my land, is that rezzing also? Or is rezzing just the original unpacking? I've been looking at all the things that go along with renting my property to others and giving them Rez permission was one of those things. So, if someone uses a sandbox to rez do they still need rez permissions to drag that stuff (that's been rezzed already) out of there inventory onto my prop
  8. Sometimes I think it would be fun to stick a high-rise condo/apartment type complex on a beach, but whenever I see them in my travels they don't seem to be very active. Do people pay to rent space in a high-rise? Is there a tutorial for setting up something like that? Thanks. I hope you all are having a great summer considering...
  9. So right now when I need a texture I go to the texture folder on my inventory. (Somehow I have 2. One in my library and another with my other folders. An issue for another day.) Anyway, if I have an organizer or board or HUD, am I able to select a texture from it or do I still go to the texture directory? Some textures came with other purchases and so are in various folders. Will an organizer scoop them all into one viewing screen without physically changing their location?
  10. Thanks for the tips. I tried the Radegast viewer. No fuss, no muss. I finished the job and didn't get sidetracked. Thank you Bree.
  11. I could get more done if someone would distract my wife. 😜
  12. Thank you. I don't mind doing the sorting and creating directories and such. I just find it so easy to get lost in fun stuff and ignoring the task at hand.
  13. Is there a file manager for my inventory that connects to SL without me using the viewer? If I launch the viewer I find a dozen other things to do and then I don't finish what I started. I've accumulated so many items for building, boating, driving, textures, for sale signs, greeters, free stuff etc. I need a week to organize it. I can't do it if I launch SL or Firestorm because I'll start building, or sailing or flying.
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