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  1. Yeah I was able to figure out what was happening, I was doing stuff in the wrong order of applying it. It was an Omega applier and I was able to get the V-Tech Chest and Maitreya body matched up. Unfortunately I didn't realize I only purchased the texture for the chest piece, I have to also buy one for the head. Once I get that done I'll see if I'm running into any more issues. Thank you again for all the help and advice, I would've lost for quite some time without it!
  2. Alright so I picked up the Catwa Steffi and I'm checking out some skin tone stuff. Because I got the Pink Fuel Boi Skin Tone Applier for the V-Tech Chest should I also get a Pink Fuel skin texture in order for the skin colors between the head and chest to match? I've been trying to mess with just the chest colors and the Maitreya skin colors but it's been difficult to find a match.
  3. Alright, so thanks to everyones help I decided to go with the Maitreya model with the V-Tech Chest addon. Additionally, I plan on grabbing the Pink Fuel Boi Skin Tone Applier and the Sensations Nipple Rings - Femboy Version by Earalia Nolan in order to better flesh out the nipples and skin tone as they both seem to be popular. The last piece I'm trying to figure out is the head piece (I think thats the last piece other than clothes), are there any recommendations? I kind of liked the style of the M4 Mars head where it was still a bit masculine but still soft and feminine, but I'm honestly open
  4. Hi Wulfie, Thanks for the reply! I tried looking up Maitreya in the marketplace and going under the Complete Avatars section I can't seem to find a clearly defined base for the model similar to how Kemono displays theirs. Are there other keywords I should try when searching for the avatar? Thanks! Luke Edit: Nevermind I found out it was inside SL and not on the marketplace.
  5. Hi Lucia, Thanks for the response! I took a look at the Kemono skin and it does have waaay more content to browse through on the marketplace. If you don't mind, I did have some questions about getting a good setup for it. I was looking through and found that the M4 Mars head looks pretty nice, however I see a lot more mods using the M3/M4 Venus head. Would I just be better of going with the Venus head? For the human skins available for it, do you know of any you recommend? I had found Kemono Men SKin C1 and PALE by KYUUBI as well as AKIO by HARO but I wasn't sure if there are better optio
  6. When I joined I had a friend guide me through some of the game. They recommended me Kuroo so I picked it up. I'm not averse to buying a new model, however I don't really know much about these two. I checked out their marketplace page and for AV 2.0 it has really good reviews for still being in beta, and in the reviews it says it's well worth it despite some limitations, though they didn't go into detail on what those limitations are. For Kemono it looked more like an anthro model, does it have options to make it look human? Thanks for the reply and the advice! -Luke
  7. I just recently got into SL and decided I wanted to make a more feminine male character. I've been trying to find a decent cut ***** model that is on the small side and without any bulging veins or pubic hair. I found an older post in the forum where the Rut Joystick and any of the SKNK would do, however when looking at the Rut Joystick product many reviewers said that the recolor options had many issues and might not match lighter skin tones. For SKNK I tried the Glaidys and the Kyrpa models on demo before hand. While I was able to get a decent color match and a smaller size, the girth of the
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