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  1. Hola, ¿alguien sabe en el visor SL normal (no en Firestorm) dónde está la opción de mostrar solo amigos?Maybe I have not explained well, what I am looking for is to remove the rest of the avis, not see anyone
  2. Hii, for 2 weeks all the images that I put on my profile and in my highlights after a few minutes appear in gray, I cannot see them or any of my friends either, does anyone know what the cause may be ??? I have already reinstalled the viewer 2 times, I have cleared the cache and the image format is the same as always
  3. Well, to add more errors (I do not know if they are due to firestorm or LL) for a week the photos of my profile and my highlights are seen in gray and none of my friends can see them, more errors, I can not use the teleport more than 4 times to 5 times that I teleport the bar, it loads very fast and in the end it kicks me, and today the most lagged, it takes time to load the textures, I think it is a problem for LL and uploading SL to the cloud. ... but how much longer will the servant be in these conditions, because I am not the only one who has all these problems
  4. Ayer como pueden ver puse a Von Diel, y ahí se veía por encima de la cabeza de mi avi, cuando me uní a un grupo en el momento en que desapareció, This morning aún estaba en mi perfil, pero ahora solo miré y también ha desaparecido del perfil,the name change of 3 hours ago and the one of 7 days ago were the two times that I have disappeared, von diel disappeared
  5. no, they were the same letters that I had always had for months, the only thing I did was remove 1 symbol from the name, and I saw the name disappear when I entered the group
  6. Hello everyone, last week I changed my name but when I entered a group it disappeared, yesterday I changed it again and again the same problem, when I entered another group it disappeared again, someone knows why the Name????
  7. My problem is that almost all the folders are empty, the items that I had inside have disappeared,+6000 items have disappeared, I just sent a ticket to support, thx for all
  8. I have rebooted SL, cleaned the cache and everything is still gone
  9. hii there, yesterday when I connected to SL all the flat of the outfits that I had in default had disappeared, today I just connected and almost all the skins, makeup, nails, eyeshadows, shapes, the folders are gone Empty and nobody has entered my account, does anyone know what this problem may be due to?
  10. I'm from Europe and it hasn't let me log in for an hour
  11. I can't even log in, now it gives me an error at the start of session
  12. every 2 minutes the server pulls me, and many times it doesn't even let me log in
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