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  1. thanks for all the answers. It seems that there is some confusion after all and I was not the only one who find it difficult to understand. What I now did: - I set all subdivided parcels to private (visibility) , removing the option to change it. Its sad but safe. - re write the rules of the sim so its clear they rezz on their own responsibility and only inside the house: - removed any adult furniture out of the houses, spent another fortune to replace with PG: I think its really strict, but also I think I did all what is possible to live by the lindens policy. Would b
  2. thanks for your swift replies! I am quit a long time on SL, but I find this subject difficult. I think it would be best to set the parcels to invisible and not let the people on it decide, right? It takes away the flexibility but its safer, as people will forget, or dont want to set that setting. One more question: if I set it to invisible and we all can assume its private then; can I as a landlord rezz adult furniture in the private parcels (set to group access if possible)? Or do I leave that to the people on the parcel meaning its their responsibility?
  3. Hello, I ve been reading the Maturity land ratings and as I understood the following. we have a land (region) setup with M rating and on this Parcel we have a couple of subparcels devided. Now I understand the following: - on the main parcel, no Adult acts or adult furniture is allowed. People can be naked (for example nude beach) but no explicit body parts should be shown. - on the subparcels, people in their home can have Adult furniture. They can check / uncheck the Land option "Avatars can see and chat with avatars on this parcel". Unchecking this means that adults acts wi
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