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  1. I know with out shelling over buko bucks you can never get TRUE privacy. I'm just looking for a private rental parcel (developed or not) with no other renters on that plot. I 'did' find one for 115L a week but the server is so damn laggy I want to find another. I've been looking in world and the best price I could find was a 30 by 16 for 250L a week. Since prices range so wildly I'd thought Id give here a try.
  2. I am looking for a private rental (true privacy, I have rented sky boxes placed 1,000 apart on the same parcel and I catch other on that parcel camming me and my partners) What I am looking for Scenery: Don't care Size: Preference of 30x18 but can deal with smaller, but bigger is better. Location: Don't care. Can be on the ground or a skybox, just needs to be private Prims: can deal with 100 thought more is better. Furnished: Don't care. Just give me the ability to put down my own bed and things. Price: Max of 150L/week.
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