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  1. Just out of curiosity, how are you collecting this data? Something like the "What is she wearing" and then parsing a text file? I do a lot of data analysis work in RL and this seems like a fun exercise.
  2. There aren't many RL things left in my SL shape. I am tall in RL, so my shape is tall. I used to have long hair, so my AV has long hair. I tend to dress the same as in RL, but that is because I have a hard time finding SL outfits I really like, or can pull off.
  3. Which viewer are you using? Also, when you uninstalled the viewer, did you also trash the ~\Application Support\Firestorm, or ~\Application Support\Second Life folders? Copy them to your desktop, delete them, and re-drag out the client from the DMG file.
  4. Thanks! At least I have a place to go look for poses now.
  5. It's a midnight madness thing. Search on Lucybody, and go to the sim. There is a board you click. Assuming during the day enough people hit the board, around midnight you will get the delivery. I did it last night on an alt just to see how it worked. The BOM applier is around L$150-200, IIRC.
  6. This tutorial by @Nalates Urriah I think is a good overview,.
  7. Definitely not closed. I just logged on and went to the store. Here is the SLURL to the store.
  8. I can't really present an argument against this. 🙂
  9. On the HUD (I think it is called Edit 1.2 in the body folder), choose the middle circle icon. In the upper right near the border is an icon with 3 lines and a circle. Click that. Pretty much in the same area will be a button "Apply BOM." Click that. Side note: you can't then choose a skin tone from that same window. It will overwrite the BOM setting.
  10. Yah, I was thinking it would "do the math" for the other sliders in the background. Height generating arm length, choosing an overall body "style" determines hand, musculature, love handles, etc. That said, different heads and bodies react to sliders differently (or just don't use them), so it's likely a pipe dream. The advice of starting with your head base shape and modifying the body is a good one.
  11. Getting to about L$300, with the free Catwa head and the Legacy shape, will get you into some groups that have a ton of free stuff. The Scandalize group, as mentioned, is good. I think they have a range of styles, so it's not all scanty wear. The Free Dove is another good resource also. Lots of good mesh stuff there as well. The fabfree site mentioned earlier is awesome as well. They tell you if the group is free to join, which is nice. Also, the Stay at Home stuff is a good way to collect stuff. I'd run around right now grabbing as many gifts as you can, and at the least, shove them in a folder called "figure out later" or something. You don't have to figure it out now, but the really good free stuff will have a likely expiration date so hoovering it up is a good thing to do.
  12. Sorry, bad wording. I meant basic and advanced, or "less options" and "more options". If you want to work with all the sliders, choose "advanced/more options." If you just want to easily build the basis of a shape, choose "basic/we will help you through this." Edit: I thought of a better example. My camera has a way to just let it choose what it thinks is the best choice, or I can choose to prioritize shutter, or I can go full manual. I was thinking more along those lines. Complexity for where people want it; ease for where they want it.
  13. Yeah, and as others have mentioned, with a lot of people coming back there is probably some Scotsman in the back of Linden Lab's data center yelling, "We need moah powah, cap'n"
  14. In terms of shape design, it would be nice if the existing slider system was a power user mode, but users could have a simpler system to choose from that would take care of avatar smoothing. Something like maybe the Skyrim-style sliders where users can only adjust about a screen's worth of sliders and deliver a decent shape. Like, height, body type, torso size, etc. But not get into love handles, knee bow, eyelid folds, etc.
  15. What viewer are you using, also? This weekend I thought I'd give the Linden viewer a try. I went to fogs, the ground thing they have never rezzed past gray, and neither did most of the avatars. I also had some weird issues in Black Dragon when I logged in for some pictures. In the end, I just ended up going back to Firestorm.
  16. That's a good point. I keep forgetting about the toe thing.
  17. I'd recommend at least getting them, even if they sit in inventory until someone can figure them out.
  18. BOM came out last year -- August ish. So, there's a solid 7 years of "we did it this way because we had to." Someone more familiar with the skin scene can probably say if there is anything better about a skin and applier made for a specific body or head vs a BOM. I am not sure how many of the big skin creators are moving to BOM also.
  19. This is also a really good time to get into mesh. Legacy is giving away the Classic body for a refundable L$1, and Catwa is giving away a head also. A lot, lot, lot of patience is needed for getting into those sims since they are getting slammed.
  20. Your last two photos show the Body/Applier skins.
  21. BOM uses system skins; not the body skins. I think by clicking a body skin you are over-riding the BOM setting. If you want to use the body skin, you will need to put the alpha layer on. For giggles, go here and get the Stay at Home skin. If the Genus face is also BOM, setting the head and the body to use BOM, and wearing the Behance skin, you should not explode. If that does it, then the next step is finding a BOM skin you like. This is assuming I'm following your problem correctly. It's been a long week.
  22. I work as an analyst in RL, so this seemed like a fun data collection exercise. As I was out and about at events this weekend I ran the "what is she wearing" HUD and make tick-marks on a piece of paper if it reported any mesh component. I didn't count how many were full mesh, or only mesh body, or male or female. I ended up having to throw out 19 results because a sim blocked scripts, and later I was wrong on my "classic or mesh" guess and decided to only go with a verifiable collection method. It is still a small sample set, but it came down to this: Mesh, 102; System, 20. I would only collect data once at a place, even if I was there multiple times. So, I am at Fogs a lot, so I only collected data once, I wanted to track unique locations. Because I am me, I might over the course of time write a few scripts on my computer to parse out the common heads and bodies. Mainly because text file manipulation like this should be something I am better at professionally.
  23. When it comes to shapes, the details matter. I finally went mesh over last weekend and thankfully some helpful strangers helped me fix a few glaring errors I wasn't aware of. I mean that non-sarcastically, a couple people managed to very delicately point out a few things. For me it was head size (slightly small) and my eye spacing was completely borked. My Flickr stream is here. The earlier posts are the bad face; the two from the weekend are after edits. I don't know how many shape vendors provide a style card with the purchase. For me, the shape and links to get that exact look would be worth paying for.
  24. The lighting on that is fantastic. How did you light it?
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