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  1. No, I’m trying to wrack my brain. Heck, I didn’t even sign up for Facebook until 2008, I don’t think (I’d have to check on that one). But, as I explained, I bounced around a lot. So, recalling specific dates is definitely not an easy task. I wish they would ask for bank statements or anything like that. That much I have on hand, because 1) I half expected that to be their request and 2) records. Always keep records of digital financial stuff. Haha.
  2. If I felt that LL was trying their best, I could get that. And I can understand and I respect their diligence to privacy and security. It does seem a bit dismissive to me, though, that because one out of four questions may have not been exactly right and the ticket was closed. And to me, the least important question, at that. Where I was 13 years ago upon making an account for a game, yknow? I feel that if most questions are answered properly, it could be within reason to ask for photocopies of an ID, the card attached on the account that shows your name or last four digits of the card, or ban
  3. I don’t think it’s all totally without reason. And many things have very plausible and real reasons. I’m back because of a world pandemic, as are a lot of people. I’ve come across so many people talking about how they had nothing better to do than to sign back in after however long, haha. 2) the spending increase, I kinda glossed over. I met some Resident 1 or whatever limit and got a notification about it in game. Confused, and actually scared that maybe my card issuer had put some sort of stop on payment or something because, you know, new charges. I opened a ticket as suggested,
  4. Oh yeah, saying I’m attached is an understatement. Haha. After sometime many years ago, I switched to The Sims because it was all the rage. I went back to that several times. Attempted maybe 4-5 years ago to try SL again, but just wasn’t feeling “the vibe”, at that time. Enter pandemic and me getting sick/put on quarantine and boredom ensured. I started created sims and sharing them with my friends. They decided to go back to SL and begged me to. I finally agreed, haha. Took a few guesses on my account and cycling through old passwords I remembered (ah, the good old days of universal, one word
  5. Totally agree with this. I liken it to a bad wig IRL. Even with some hairs that are “down”, it just looks like a bad wig. Now, that’s helpful if your avatar is to intended to be wearing a wig, which does happen and there’s a purpose. So, two sides to every coin, I guess? Haha.
  6. Yeah, I mean, I’ve seen updates on accounts being successfully restored when potentially compromised several times on the forum here. So here’s to hoping? Of course I’m sure it came with some conditions and a lot of diligence and assurances on the behalf of the user to ensure it doesn’t happen again, after all we *are* 100% responsible for anything on our accounts. (Not like I asked to have my “car stolen“, though. Haha. And even with the best alarms and security, it happens.) I think both analogies work, depending on how you look at it? But, I do think your analogy is a bit more to th
  7. Good analogy and understood completely. I’m trying to figure out the loose gasket and have made what adjustments I can do on my end (obviously use full password for Windows and not just a PIN, changed all my passwords not just things that access SL, upped Windows security/firewall). But, if your mechanic refuses to inspect or throws away the key to the vehicle so you can’t make appropriate fixes within the vehicle, how are you to know your next vehicle won’t end up in the same condition somehow? And it seems that this car is still turned on and has a stack full of cash in the window
  8. Yeah. And I know the only thing I can do is just ... wait and hope for the best. But, I’ve also seen so many helpful people here and people sharing experiences, I figured it may be worth a shot since I’m certainly not the only person in the world re-logging during this pandemic. And, it’s hard not to laugh and feel like, perhaps, better questions could be dreamed up than just “where were you on X day, a bazillion years ago?” Yknow? 😅 And maybe I’m naive in thinking that knowing the answer to my secret security question (which is the whole point of a secret security question, no?) sho
  9. I thought context was important? Normally responses are “not enough facts, so obviously something is amiss”. I’m new to the forums, I was just trying to seek advice from anyone who may have run into this before, or people who have been on for ages who might have some advice. I’m sure I’m not the only one who logged on after ages during a global pandemic and ran into issues. Had I merely posted, “so I can’t prove my identity, anyone got advice?” I know my first question(s) would be to elaborate or to explain how I got to that particular point of needing to verify. Or be accused/assum
  10. If you read the whole post (I know it’s a long one; I’m sorry), I have spoken to LL in a ticket reply and they did say I was welcome to create a new account. The response is copy and pasted into my OP. But, thanks for your concern.
  11. TL;DR (because it’s long and yeah): my main account is 13+-years-old. Didn’t login until recently after about a decade. Account was placed on hold for no apparent reason after a month of play. Opened ticket. Calls. Got a ticket responded to finally. Asked by Liden to verify identity with series of questions I answered accurately minus potentially one(?)(due to the length of time since I created the account). Was told by Linden that the account was initially put on hold due to suspicion of sharing or transferring (so, got that answered) and that the answers I provided were not verifiable and wa
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