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  1. If you are using Firestorm viewer, under the first tab is an "avatar health" option which leads to a "stop animations" option.
  2. I am playing with demos and can't always get back my previous look. I have tried writing down all the shape settings. I want to make an exact copy of a body with parts from different creators. Just the body, head, eyes, shape and brow. Such as Lara and Catwa etc. I see the ability to save an outfit. I see I can save a shape. Would someone mind letting me know if I can make a copy somehow? Thanks in advance
  3. I support black lives matter. Ashton Kutcher pointed out that it is Important to do so because some people don't believe black lives matter. But, I want to use Second Life to escape ALL politics. That is the only reason to post a response here. I leave places where these or other issues get discussed since we are human and uniting as so.
  4. I just bought wrinkles. To me, most of the avatars look too young.
  5. Thank you very much. ALL my questions got answered. Trying to follow the discussions was a bit challenging not understanding that part. Hope you both have a great day. ❤️
  6. I apologize if this has been answered. I have tried to search unsuccessfully and am totally ok if someone could link me to a similar discussion. I am new back to SL and new to the Linden Land. I like my home but I see other areas that are more beautiful. Is there a way to get a specific property or to get my land back if I abandon it? Is there a listing of available properties of Linden homes somewhere? Could I wind up with no land because of the increase in players recently and the "out of space" Linden announced? Thank you for reading this.
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