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  1. @Kerrianne Wheatcliffe Thank you for your kind words. I indeed haven't heard any more from this person since.
  2. Dear @Lindal Kidd, Thanks so much for the explanation! I was really worried he had somehow messed up my avatar. It creeped me out. Glad to know it was just a goofy toy. Blocked, and I look forward to getting to know actually nice people like you on SL. -linkthelion
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies! All I know is, the person had his avatar point at mine and sparkles led from his to mine, like what happens when you click to sit on something or interact with it. Then the game engine whispered to me that I was now the avatar's parent, and to click on his avatar to use my parent functions or something like that. Would he have been able to make all that stuff show up on my screen, if it isn't a real thing in SL? Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone, I recently had another SL user, someone on my friends list, suddenly make my avatar his "parent." The person did not ask me first, and I am not willing for my avatar to have this status toward his. In terms of world mechanics, how can I undo whatever it is he did? I am not an expert in Second Life functions, so I'll appreciate any simple directions anyone can offer. Thank you kindly for your advice. P.S. I will also be unfriending and blocking this person, once I get rid of the non-consensual "parent" status that was inflicted on me.
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