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  1. Thanks, that is useful. Not for a while, it's 1.29am where I am...but I will rip it into it at lunchtime.
  2. Yeah I could've, should've etc... and 'yes' OK, so I met Dominic online...and to the obviously happy and content and not-so-bored-he-has-to-be-nasty-to-strangers-online person who mentioned Dom's mum...yes, he lives with his mum... he is disabled in RL and has to be cared for. He wanted to meet on SL, it wasn't my choice. It took me ages to even find my way to the section of the site where you download the 'viewer' which I can't even control. Have a laugh about that too. I said to Dom repeatedly, let's do this on Skype or even Zoom, but he told me has BDD and didn't want me to see hi
  3. It doesn't matter now, I can't find him anyway or he changed his mind.
  4. I was up for chatting a bit but most people just replied with dumbo gifs or whatever.
  5. It says 'Lifestyles and relationships'...
  6. MasterDominic was meant to be on tonight to put me in my cage after collaring me and giving me my bedtime beating. But he's not on?
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