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  2. hi! i've been trying to find this skin everywhere but i can't seem to track it down. i think the skin is from enfer sombre or hime*dream, but i'm not sure exactly which. please help! thank you! i'm so sorry about the image compression. edit: i think the head is the m3 anime by utilizator!
  3. i really wanted it to match my real height so 148cm / 4'10
  4. there are tens of thousands of different random strings of numbers tied to any account you own on any website. computers process and display information with strings of numbers. it's counterproductive to be worried about this, the uuid is there to make you identifiable so the game is playable, but if you're stressing over it to the point that the game is unplayable then it's doing the opposite of what it's supposed to be doing.
  5. thanks for the clarification, i'd only originally asked because my understanding of copyright is limited, i didn't know prior that uploading someone else's region textures would be infringement. okay, thanks. i'll download the textures from the website if i ever want to use them.
  6. even if the works are uploaded publicly by the owner who is directly giving anyone explicit permission to use them for any non-commercial purpose? presumably like a royalty free license? i dont know much about copyright but thats my understanding of what royalty free means
  7. ive actually read the tos. people constantly upload textures that break that specific rule. the uploader of the terrain i liked actually ripped the pngs off of a royalty free grass texture website (which i found out after reverse searching) so copying it wouldnt be infringing on intellectual property rights as far as im aware.
  8. is screenshotting + uploading the screenshots as region textures allowed?
  9. is it possible to download a private region's custom uploaded terrain textures as a tga file or an in-game texture? or is it possible to find the texture and somehow obtain it otherwise, either as a tga or png file? thank you!
  10. if someone was to purchase an entire mainland regions worth of land, would they obtain any of the controls that private region owners have? or just typical parcel controls over the whole parcel?
  11. so, its $229 plus 6.5 percent or so of tax applied if you live in the us?
  12. isnt there us tax calculated after aswell?
  13. i've been researching linden's official websites regarding land information, but i found different information on private region pricing. is the maintenance fee $229 or $295 for a full region, and is the maintenance fee $195 or $175 for a grandfathered full region? how much is the maintenance fee difference between a 20k and 30k region? is country-specific tax/VAT included with the price or calculated after? i live in the united kingdom and am subject to VAT, but i'm unsure if the VAT is included with the region pricing or calculated after.
  14. is it possible to become a covenant of public mainland estates? is it any different than owning a private region?
  15. sorry, im not looking anymore
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