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  1. Thank you very much for your feedback 😊... I tried the tip with clearing the cache on both viewers but that did not solve the issue. Now I just tried the basic skin from the Lelutka head any Maitrey body and tadaaa the gaps are gone. Looks like there really is an issue with the ski applier for the head. That is sad because it says it is especially for the Lelutka Simon head, anyway I will try to contact “session” may be they have another idea or at least refund the the amount for the head skin. Thank you again ! 🥰
  2. Hello all, Hope someone can give me a solution for my issue. I almost tried (with my basic knowledge) everything and searched for several hours I know that there are several post regarding the neck lines, but my problem is a bit different… I am not having an issue with my skin matching body n head - I noticed it after I bought some new updo hair, I am not quite sure if was there before but I am pretty sure not so obvious. As you can see in the pics there is a real gab, where the head meets the body and also on the scalp. (Lara Body, Lelutka Simon Head, Skin body and face applier from session). The line on the scalp does not really matterbeacuse I wear hair but the one on the neck drives me crazy. 🤯 What I did for problem solving: Redelivery and adjust everything all over again. adjusting the neck body fat on the Maitreya Hud (made it a bit better) adjusting in body appearance clear all tints Neckfix on Maitreya HUD, knowing it is probably not a skin issue. searching the internet for hours without finding a solution. I noticed that the gap is much worse when I am viewing from a distance. If I zoom in really close it looks fine in front, but not good on the sides and neck. (left side words than right) I have everything running on ultra settings but playing around with the settings also did not make it better 😪 Hope someone can help me because I am looking at it all the time 😵 Take care and stay healthy ❤️
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