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  1. Yes i have it set to black on other peoples screen it comes out normal black i think its a lighting issue because when i went out of the yellow light it stopped
  2. hi i recently bought some new black pants and i think the black metal tint on the pants is showing as yellow instead of the actual color does anyone know how to fix it?
  3. Thankyou so much i didn't see that neck option in the legacy body HUD this had me stressing hard thought i wasted 5,000 thanks for the help everyone
  4. What do you mean by that? there a separate head and body cost me 5,000 linden each
  5. My new head is CATWA HEAD SKELL - my neck isnt matching up correctly with the body i have the LEGACY MASCULINE BODY hair: LOGAN HAIR - My male hairbase isnt showing on my head not sure if that helps but i attached a few pictures of whats wrong with my character if anyone knows how to fix them let me know
  6. Hi i recently bought a legacy mesh masculine body for 5,000 Linden it has been over 24 hours and i still haven't received my body can anyone help me? STORE NAME: ''LEGACY MESHBODY PERKY EDITION OFFICIAL" NOTE: I have tried the "Re-delivery" the page never loads
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