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  1. Same problem here, one of my groups, for work, I get no chat at all, only notices. It's been happening for two weeks. Other groups it is on and off but this group is completely off to me.
  2. 2 Bedroom Skyboxes With Outdoor Patio L$540/week with 500 Prim allowance Click here to be taken to our office, where you can teleport to an available property and have a look around! To view, please visit our office for available rentals - Rha Rentals
  3. Beachfront 1024m Parcel For Sale - $3000! Come and see for yourself! Click here to teleport to the land. No monthly fees for those with a Premium subscription and no other land. Just a one time payment and it's yours!
  4. STUDIO SKYBOXES AVAILABLE UNFURNISHED ~ L$80/WEEK ~ 40 PRIMS EACH Click here to teleport to our demo for more information These bright and spacious studio skyboxes will provide you with privacy, great views and a place to invite friends for only L$80 per week. You can decorate the space as you wish and our private security system will give you peace of mind. These studios would make the perfect home for those new to Second Life, students on a budget or anyone who just wants an extra space to use for their hobbies.
  5. I'm a newbie, specifically because of Lockdown and the fact I have a chronic illness and will be sheltered for much much longer than the general population. I'm loving it so far and when I'm not on SL I'm reading blogs or watching YT videos on it
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