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  1. Lindall Kidd - Thank you so much for the information. After going through your list, I think that what is wrong is this: " In the first week, you're limited to spending $30 USD." Changing the name was over that, although I did try later to get an amount under that, but to no avail. Who knows how mucked up my account was by then, with me trying all kinds of solutions and dollar amounts to buy lindens. SL billing had no clue and turned me over to SL security, and those guys are saying they have no clue why, but surmised I am somehow a "marked" account and I will have to wait 14 days before they can do anything or I can do anything. IF it does not resolve, they will cancel the account and "consider" refunding me the step back from Primary. So I guess I just wait, create a freebie alt and explore in my ever so attractive newbie outfit. A free tablet, who knew 😉 ! Thank you all for helping! Nice to know you are here.
  2. thanks MayaSmit. Admin, I will re-submit my ticket if I continue to not find any evidence they saw or received the first one. Its just very disappointing, but then again, I'm not usually locked in my home for a month! Can you spell boredom? C-O-R-O-N-A....
  3. I created an account yesterday (4/23/20), but did not realize a "username" is really the name your character would be given. So, wanting to give my character a better name, I have been trying ever since to pay to change it. I do have a premiere account which is part of the initial set up, and then did the Tilia stuff on my account payment info page. I also associated a payment credit card and when that didn't work, tried associating my paypal account, which also didn't work. What seems to be happening, is the system is charging my card, and then immediately taking the charge back off the card. Then it gives me an error message. I can't buy lindens (can you not do that in the first few days?), I can't change my name (same thing, is there a time limit involved, or a restriction keeping me from doing it for a few days?), and if I hadn't made the darn thing a premiere account I would just delete it and start again but am told that will result in the money they charged me being lost and not refunded. It did let me get a house, oddly. But now I'm stuck and I put in a ticket but the system doesn't seem to think I did - any point in putting in another one? A friend of mine sent me some lindens (I paid her with a check), but I can't do that forever. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I was wondering if the notes we place in a person's profile remain there after they change their username. Might this be the key to figuring out who they were?
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