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  1. Hi, I've been enjoying my Linden home but would like to get some land to put a house I'm buying on. We get 1024sq m with the subscription, and my LH only uses 512. The new house would need 900sq M. Can I "get rid of" my LH thus freeing up land use so I can build the new one on 1024sq m? I understand you can get rid of "normal" land but I don't know if the same applies to Linden Home parcels. - thanks in advance, as I learn more about land.
  2. Funny how (probably a decade ago) I was first in SL, and then fell away from it when I started doing software development and web development for an IT security firm. I paid my annual dues, but didn't even log in. Recently I thought "I should check this out" and started seeing such good work that people were doing, that I started thinking "I should get back into this" What do we then do first? Look at our avatar and go "gee THIS needs work". I found that I had a lot of $L built up and so, started THAT work, as well as getting furniture etc for my house. In real life, as a fun side-thing I run a small local underground music venue/cafe. I've been thinking that maybe I should re-create it in SL. Yet ANOTHER big idea, but one that I think would be fun. In general, music venues are "dropping like flies" around the world, so if a person is keeping one alive, it's not because they want to make a million dollars, but instead about love of grass roots music. But that's a discussion for somewhere else I imagine. - because of all your help with my avatar, I'm on the way to working it out!
  3. Thanks for the clarification and all the advice. When I make inquiries on software development forums, they are nowhere near as engaged as this one is. Amazing contributions. Also I would certainly not intend to "shame" anyone (have had to deal with enough of that as one of the elders in our province's LGBTQ community). In software, if we have a challenge say, with a Microsoft script - we mention "Microsoft Script blah blah" because other developers know what you're talking about. By mentioning the "brand" I thought the experts here would be better able (from their vast experience) to say "oh, that one - yes well you do THIS and then it works.." I think that those who are creative enough to DO things in-world here, and make products from their imagination are excellent creators, and as someone who makes software for a living, I think I might just get into. However, if it's not "cool" to mention brands then I'll certainly remember that for the future. Other than that, thanks to all the amazing replies, I'm sure I'll be able to do something. Thanks again.
  4. Hey thanks for that info! ALL the info. Maybe I'll look into the Bakes on Mesh way. In my day job as a software/web developer I watch youtube videos for a lot of tech stuff, so I'll definitely check out the "how to's". - and contact ReishiProphet Thanks.
  5. Well this has been a great number of ideas and suggestions! I can see that everyone is very engaged and helpful - appreciate it. When I started back in SL I've been getting more interested in doing things correctly. I will take in all these suggestions and get better. No more "right click on the folder and wear". Clearly that's an issue lol Thank you all once again and I'm going to try to learn, and be better at it.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I definitely am not a "shiny" skin person lol just came that way. Seems to be "Facelight" which I can turn off. As for skin tone for the head I'm not sure, as I just picked the avatar, and it seemed to change. (forgive my ignorance - give me a whole new level of appreciation for those who learned how do to this properly.)
  7. I don't have a lot of time for making/customizing an avatar. Instead I prefer to throw $L at it. I just started back in SL about a couple of weeks ago after years of just paying for the subscription. I decided that I would try and get a better avatar look so searched the marketplace. (I have spent several thousand $L and either didn't actually receive the items (and no contact from the vendor) or got something that wasn't what it was supposed to be)/ I found the "Nivaro" avatar enhancements and purchased it. It was for a "Jake" body. SO, I followed the link to the Belleza store and paid $3K for the body. Put it on, and it reshaped me "ok". High avatar complexity warnings, but I turned off some things and got to be "visible to people around me". BUT looked like a teenager. I applied the Nivaro kit and it bulked me up to be a muscled teenager. Then I tried using the several "HUD" pieces, which are supposed to show up on the (you guessed it) HUD. One did, for color of the head - which doesn't have any colours that actually match the body. All the others (when I choose HUD) attach to my body and are invisible. The "body hair" one worked for 1 time and I chose a hair pattern which is supposed to be tintable. Instead, it put on some white hair that vibrates and moves like a strobe light. ALL the time. It looks like my avatar has fallen in a vat of flour. SO, unless I'm missing something I think this may be added to the about $4kL I've spent that doesn't work? I know that there are experts here, so if anyone has sage wisdom I could definitely use is. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  8. That worked! Thanks - most helpful. Also the additional help from Lindal and Rolig made the whole experience awesome. Thank you again.
  9. Hi, I have one of the houses you get with an annual subscription. The other day, I went out and purchased a window blind. I put it in front of the window (inside) and resized it to fit the window. Then, since it was quite far away from the window I moved it closer. Somehow, It seems like it's IN the glass of the window. When I try right clicking on the blind, all I can get is the actual house! I also went outside (in case I'd slid it outside of the building) and right clicking I STILL get the house. Any ideas on how to "get to" something we purchased but seems to be un-touchable? Thanks
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