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  1. Hi Nando, Just put in a new application and add a line in the notecard saying that you want to retire the old one. The new office is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winters Elm/78/154/24 and all the forms are there. Watch out for Mr Beeb!
  2. The new edition is available in a new mobile-friendly format. There are four new passport stamps to collect this week. Please enjoy! https://lastditch.typepad.com/bbbgazette/
  3. Thanks to all for the very helpful feedback on the design. I host the site and have modified it to put links to the Listings, Flickr and Application Page in the navigation bar so they are now accessible on mobile. It's possible to change the design completely to make it adaptively mobile-friendly and I have given Pru some options. Thanks again. Your interest and your comments are very much appreciated. If you clever, friendly, supportive people would be so kind as to review and comment on the other SL sites I host (and in those cases edit) I would be very grateful for your feedback there as well. They are the BBB Gazette https://lastditch.typepad.com/bbbgazette/ and the Limoncello News https://lastditch.typepad.com/limoncello_news/
  4. Slenderman made an appearance at the opening party for Lido - an ART UNBOUND pop-up gallery from Infinite Productions and Bellisseria's Limoncello Art Gallery. Limoncello owner Dave immediately made a run for the safety of his Tardis as Slendie reminds him of his tax-man.
  5. A winter theme eh? Hmm. Belli Christmas is going to be something this year then.
  6. New post in the BBB Gazette on the subject of time travel.
  7. A new post in the BBB Gazette features the discontinued "I survived the Slenderman" stamps. Do you have one of these in your Bellisseria Passport? If so, how did you earn it?
  8. The BBB Gazette (merged with the Limoncello News) will interest Bellisserians – especially those with Bellisserian Passports. You can apply for a passport at the BBB Offices if you don't already have one. Today in the Gazette, there's an interview with Bellisserian Cranston Yordstorm - who has made a Tudor Pub in his new chalet home and who is blogging about his quest to collect all the visa stamps for his Belli Passport. Take a look and leave some comments!
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