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  1. Thanks to a concerned person who reached out to me on Second Life. The problem is resolved now. The problem: Still not sure. When I was editting current shape, the shape would not save. So, I relogged and she wouldn't render.. The Fix: I had to go into "Outfits", choose one, and choose "Replace Outfit". >Replace Outfit seemed to be key factor to the fix- I tried to do effectively the same thing but I would try to wear the items individuals and that would not fix the problem. SO... Click the umbrella folder and choose "Replace outfit" Thank you all for helping! Sounds funny, but Second Life is just not the same as a cloud- doesn't do for me! <3K
  2. Oh I see, however I've already tried to change shapes to one of the system's shapes to no avail! Ugh! 😖
  3. Hey, My avatar hasn't rendered all morning as I've been trying everything under the sun to fix the problem. I really do like cute puffy balls of smoke wandering around the neterverse; however, some people can see that she is in her birthday suit and I'd really like to reclaim her dignity. It's the least I can do. Anyone else having a problem?
  4. If you like to hear more. I can now give a discount of $60 USD per hour. IM for contact information. If you're in China it's discounted 250Yuan! IM me for WeChat QCode! Ni Hao! ❤️
  5. I've been back to Second Life for about 2 weeks? I've given away over 100USD. I'm by no means rich. What was that insinuation again? You want to make it again? People who don't hold dear the prosperity and success of their future as much as justice and goodwill are not much a person. Regarding SL You've only demostrated how fundamentally ignorant about LIFE you are, and ought to do more listening than speaking/writing. Here's a tip to help you out: 1) There's no such thing as "Second Life" The company "Second Life" is server hosting company with attraction interface service program to draw Server sales and sales bank transactions. There is only life. It is ONLY what we make it. 2) Second Life is molded by what sells and what draws more clients for sale. There is by NO MEANS any objectivety or continuity of what this company does, or it's identity. If something works it may have staying power for as long as it holds value as that is LIFE since the dawn of civilization, ha no, since the invention of fire. It by no mean defines anything. 3) An extremely few people make money on tip jars, it is something that will have to go as the thought "go to" method of making money, in Second Life, which in reality does not make money for the vast majority, if it want to continue to exist in the unforseeable future... Baby Boomers throwing money at Second Life is only going to last for so much longer. They know it. Linden Labs is onto it: Sansar. 4) Your failed attempt to explain how Second LIfe successfully operates only shows why it is dying. Second Life itself and the client base it most supports pushed out so many talented people and entrepenuers for in favor of a certain direction in the early days. It could turn itself around but not without drastic changes one way or another. COVID players mostly are temporary. But the way it's looking, it will fizzle out and Linden Labs will let it die and while it prepares for it's next projects because the vast group they've invested in catering to, doesn't have a damn clue about investments or general continuity of life and prosperity and the resource is nearly tapped out. They are money givers at best to the One very top dog, not money makers of themselves or others - supporting an enriched ecosystem. Some call it slave mentality or sheep needing a master... But I let's not get dramatic.
  6. In actual life what does a couple hours of bowling cost? Is a bowling alley free? A tournament there is a chance a winning it back and some- entry fee probably cheap than general admission. Novel Idea. How is it tossing money away for the entertainment you've been otherwise GIVEN? How do you expect these things to be free? Oh how fast the West is free falling to communism, mentally it's already here- the older and their penchant monetary power are the only ones delaying it's fruitation for now. Maybe it's time for SIM general admission fees. Since how it's money tossed by SIM owners at this point anyway. Doesn't hurt the pocket or popularity of low trafficked SIMS By the Way Disneyland's 1 Day general admission tickets are over $200USD each, and food prices are astronomically overpriced -$8 for a bottled water. Be grateful.
  7. All these people who are so willing to share and skilled at knowing the laws and the details of ToS are as much experts at knowing how to create the future of SL patron's sim(s) to be prosperious and successful. I wonder how much mental energy they've put into that and how much they feel the need to help out with that. (it's a point about how we treat each other, and attitudes) I wish I could have joined in. Sounded like good fun for everyone.
  8. Just because someone can silence you doesn't mean you shouldn't speak AMEN If fact that is when you ought to speak up the most. Raise the dead from their graves.
  9. Ah! I remember Dance Island! Some of most vivid memories of SL is of Dance island... Looking for cute boys to dance with lol
  10. I've not been able to connect to search the past couple days. Second Life is investigating: https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/vvvdktpmmdmf My alt can connect just fine. LOL
  11. Just connected! Finally! That was a dozy! -KimRaw, Asia
  12. Can't login. Zombie, with a new newbie account
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