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  1. Rel-Event is seeking experiences event coordinators and designers. We are a very in demand event company. Our events are well know and highly desired. We are seeking individuals that can design memorable parties and events ass well as coordinators to make sure every event is a success. Event Designers will work in building venues and themed parties. Event Coordinators will manage event itinerary, games and activities, Communication between event staff, Quest list and RSVP management. Application: https://forms.gle/6a82TkRCGygqsAXw8
  2. the post was moved. we are also RP friendly so i mixed up the location for the post it seems. but thank you!
  3. Obsydia estates is a California inspired 1 sim community. We have a luxury gated community, town homes and apartments. Events occur weekly. The sim has a grocery store, salon, Restaurant, Arcade, Gym, Store, Beach, and plenty more. We encourage family RP. We are child avatar friendly. We want to maintain the small town feel so we will not likely expand. if you are looking for something cozy yet beach this might be the sim for you. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Lodge/212/232/25
  4. Obsydia Corp is hiring for a marketing manager. The best candidate for this position knows how to use Second Life groups, Facebook, Flicker, and Instagram well. They are able to create ads and graphics, They are able to come up with new and unique ,marketing strategies. They are self motivated and can work independently. Please contact: Gabriella Henderson(thatanongirl) in world with a notecard. Include previous experience please.
  5. Hi there! I am Gabriella Henderson. I am seeking employment in Second life as A business/Sim Manager or any other relevant field with my experience. I have experience in various sim operations including: -Music Venues (Live and DJ/Host) -Roleplay Communities -Real Estate I have also some experience with: -Store management -Blogotex (still new but have a good understanding) -Customer Service Management Some other useful skills that might be useful are: -Experience with RP systems (Beyou/DFS) -Some experience with Wordpress -M
  6. Ever wanted to be a teacher? Looking for a school that will let you teach what you want and the way you want? Foxwood Academy is a beautiful school in an even more beautiful community. As a member of our education team you would be an active member of our school, helping our students learn and grow into well developed people. Apply below! https://forms.gle/QsCax5X714eHtyTS6 Consider exploring our wonderful community as well. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hickory Creek/123/37/1502
  7. HI there! I am looking for an experienced DJ for my wedding on July 11th. I also need an officiant for the ceremony. Will pay and the DJ is welcome to collect tips as well. The time is still not yet set so That can be a little flexible. If you can help or know someone who could please either IM me in world or reply here. Thank you!
  8. Hello Second Lifers! I have a 2048 Parcel for rent. 703 prims. It s currently lightly furnished with a skybox and some feminine decor. I can pick it all up and you can do it all yourself or rent as is and add your own touches. There are still over 200 prims left! Contact Gabby (thatanongirl) in world. for more info. Also feel free to take a peek! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sobaeksan/111/113/2496 The rent box is in the hallway behind the couch. Unfortunetly you won't get rez rights until I personally add you to the group but I am prompt I promise ❤️
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