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  1. Hello to everyone! I have an important question for you. Is it free to use a well-known and famous game character in my designs? For example; Like using garfield in clothing design or tattoo design. (Garfield is just an example) Do you think this is legal? do i get a penalty? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  2. @TDD123 I don't know what these two mean. I am talking about the platform where people can try their designs with unlimited money. I usually do tattoo experiments here. Now I can not only access the current clothes.
  3. Hello to everyone!🤗 I am a designer at regular intervals and I use Second Life Beta to test my designs. I have been entering the beta regularly for about a week, but it's still out of date. The products I bought last two years ago appear. I purchased a full perm product from the market today and I want to experiment with textures, but these products don't show up in the second life beta. Do you think there is a solution for this? 😌
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