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  1. On 5/5/2021 at 3:05 AM, Madelaine McMasters said:

    How long where you in SL before you even knew there was a profile page to fill out? I'm impressed that Darklotch already found the forums. That took me over two years.

    It took me five 😄  🔫

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  2. On 4/30/2021 at 6:55 PM, XDarkHarmonyX said:

    Im looking for the right connection with someone. I don;t do just SL I do rl as well.

    If you're looking for a relationship that is both SL and RL, I would say you would have more success finding someone in RL then introducing them to SL. Rather than finding someone in-world and then transitioning that to RL. Just my thoughts.

    SL is great for SL relationships. It's not impossible, but very difficult to develop that significantly to RL I think?

  3. I could totally see how SL would work as a really good platform to explore this type of relationship.

    Not to say people arent in RL, just that SL would be a good way to try it out if you weren't sure to see how you'd feel about it. And also considering people's logging in and out times, it could be nice having people in different timezones etc.


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  4. On 3/6/2021 at 3:19 PM, Quistessa said:

    I remember someone asking in Builder's Brewery (a builder and scripter's group) about things for scripting an escape room, so you're not the first person with the idea, although I don't know if anything like that actually exists or has much popularity yet.

    Feels like there's great potential for this in SL! I hope someone builds it.

    For me I would say card/dice games are fun in SL. And also trivia/quiz nights. There's different trivia/quiz nights at different sims throughout the week, so check out events.

  5. I have always thought that people's avatars/characters in SL are actually a truer reflection of themselves than their RL selves.

    It' is who you are, stripped from the inhibitions and conventions imposed by society and the restrictions of your given physical form. It is who you truly are inside. 

    I'm surprised how many people say they "play a character". No matter how hard you try, I feel like it never lasts long until your true self comes out. For better or worse. 

    The main different between me and my SL self is that I am way more social in SL, because I am less self-conscious, feel less judged, and have less anxiety about being trapped in conversations with people or forced into a situation I am uncomfortable with. 

    It is who I would like to be if I was more confident and less self aware.

    My sex life in SL has also been way more adventurous. I have done things sexually in SL that I would never dare attempt or even know how to find in RL! 🤣

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  6. Nope, most of my friends are girls. I have lots of guys on my friends list too, but honestly a lot of them just get in touch to flirt (perhaps hoping for more) so I wouldn't consider them genuine "friends".

    In my experience girls are way more likely to friend each other and spend time in-world just hanging out, chatting, exploring and shopping together. A lot of guys I meet just park themselves in a sim and send out unsolicited IMs. I find that most the guys in SL tend to be lone wolves too. If I meet a guy who has no other guy friends, I get immediately suspicious of their motives. I'm not saying this is the correct reaction, but it is how I feel! It also sort of depresses me when a guy has no friends. I can't explain why exactly. But it makes me despair for the entire gender.

    Ironically this is polar opposite to the guys I tend to meet in RL who all hunt in packs. I suppose it's a confidence thing? Idk. 

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  7. 17 hours ago, Rat Luv said:

    I found a picture of the Chiefs mascot! It looks like an SL club 10 years ago, lol ❤️

    Looks like an SL club I went to about 10 days ago. Maybe I'm going to the wrong places :( 

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  8. Ok, so I lowkey love "American Football" as we call it here cause I went to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play on a family holiday to Florida and it was such a lovely fun day out. I got loads of annual leave to take this year due to not being able to take any holidays, so it's a good excuse to stay up to watch it and take Monday off work.

    I'll be supporting Tampa cause that's my team and also it would be an amazing story if Tom Brady wins it at 46 years old or whatever. They weren't expected to do well at the beginning of the season so they're the underdogs too and everyone loves rooting for the underdog right?

    American football is tough to understand but actually if you get into it you realise it is soooo incredibly tactical and strategic with all the plays and the split second decisions with everyone on the pitch in their own personal battle with an opponent, fulfilling a specific but vital role. It's almost like chess. 

    The half time show is also usually entertaining for either the right (Gaga) or wrong (Coldplay) reasons, lol.

    10 hours ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    With crash helmets and lots of padding.  I've heard it said that American football is for the wimps than can't tolerate rugby.

    So I'm no expert but I'm told that because of the nature of the game (the way you can get tackled from any angle and on different parts of the body) it is actually more dangerous than rugby so thats why they need the additional padding and its good for the safety of the players (the rules are always changing to make it safer too). So I'm going to defend NFL players here and say they're not wimps at all and this is a total misconception! 😜

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  9. My favourite things to do in SL (apart from SLex):

    - shopping (trying on demos)

    - decorating my SL house 

    - going on hunts

    - meeting and catching up with friends

    - taking pics with friends

    - visiting live music venues

    - quizzes and quiz nights 

    - playing games

    - exploring new sims

    - hanging at beaches or clubs

    - flirting with excitable young noobs 

    - meeting new people and making new friends 

    - discovering new music

    - trolling groups chats (but in a playful fun self-deprecating way)

    - tweaking my avatar

    - updating my profile/picks

    - re-organising my inventory 

    - roleplaying 


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  10. 5 hours ago, Titheling Atheria said:

    If I desperately needed money I think I'd just focus on trying to make it rather than retrying all those steps on repeat

    I give myself a monthly allowance from my RL earnings to spend in SL and don't allow myself to go over that amount. If I'm under then I can save it up. I find this preferable to spending my time in-world doing boring jobs (dancing, hosting, stripping..)  in the hope of making $L. I come to SL to relax, unwind, have some fun and lolz. Having another job in-world felt exactly like working two jobs and it sucked!

    Some people might enjoy dancing, hosting or stripping in-world, which is great! But I would do it because you enjoy it, not because you're desperate to make $$$. If that is your main motivation then it truly does become a second job and that gets real tiring very quickly. 

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