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  1. Your approach in expressing Bloodline's bite permission mechanic makes it more agreeable. Competition arose in some free-to-play systems that oppose this for equally sounds reasons. To me, it's "to each their own". On point one in regards to "physical affect", I refer to bite animations, actively engaging the non-player in the player's in game activity (in Bloodlines, this is biting itself). With free-to-play games, such as Angels & Demons and Afterlife, no physical engagement transpires for the non-player. Any data generated on the avatar is in the fashion of procedural generation (suc
  2. Thank you! This issue is among the major concerns I have with more than just Bloodlines. In how a game can instigate harassment of the non-players can vary. It would be twofold in minimizing this: 1. Make any in-game interaction not physically affect a non-player. 2. Data generated (as it is statistics generated upon first interaction with a player that leads to any further interaction) and altered (such as consuming life force) doesn't result in either A. Permanent death upon death nor B. Death being reversed by a player's investment. Ideally, a non-player can become a player without
  3. Games such as Bloodlines and Hunger, Angels & Demons and Progeny, have taken root in a part of Second Life that can easily draw you into only ever experiencing them for your Second Life. These games can become a way of life with bearing their HUDs, thus then being in their game with their features to participate without the harm of the non-participants (generally speaking, drama would be an exception). It is a major part of why I have started this poll where you can express what you like and don't like about any of these (and other) games that you have played. You can find the Goog
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