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  1. It's a buggy product only for the fact that there must have been a script issue that went over their heads. I understand the frustration but it's a really nice body to use in all regards to having a built but slim body to work on. If anything, keep trying to send out to the Customer Rep's and see if they might have an answer for you as well as I've tried reaching out as well in the past but had no response as of yet. I'll see about submitting a new ticket today and finding out if maybe there was another update that I wasn't made aware of. Again.
  2. Sadly it seems like this answer hasn't had a fix as of yet. Other than what Skell Dagger said, which isn't my issue, this has been happening on each rezzed box copy I've put on, textured, saved, and then logged in/out of in regions that have no lag whatsoever.
  3. Hey there! I wanted to confirm that I am indeed just wearing the Bento Jake Body 2.1 and nothing else aside from the HUD. I've gone to even the non-laggy sandboxes people have recommended, unboxed there, and wore the new body to confirm it wasn't a lagging issue or anything, but it seems to me that it's still a reoccuring problem sadly. I don't know if there is an issue with said script that's not saving during the Save Current Alpha state or if there is just something that genuinely was missed during the production of the new body itself communicating with the HUD scripting. I tend to kee
  4. Hey, I'm having issues where, in the newest Belleza Jake update- my hands don't hide after relogging and come back up from their Alpha state. Is there an issue in the script itself or is there something that is causing it to keep popping up where I don't have to keep putting the HUD on and re-hiding them each time I have to relog? I've been ignoring the issue until now it's very troublesome and I was wondering if there is a fix or something that does fix this. I tried asking in the main chat but every time I try to open it up, it won't let me chat at all.
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