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  1. My avi is physically almost the same as in rl, just too perfect. In personality, she is more quite. In rl, I easily make friends, new buddy often seems like an old buddy to others. But in SL, I am a loner. I don't type much. Sometimes I just sat watching my avi dance like a bish while resting my rl feet on the table in comfy position, fingers are away from keyboard or on my phone. In the past my rl friend watched what I did on sl if she visited me, so again, no typing. Online while talking with friends. I am amazed tho with ppl who blindly judge someone's real character based on what they see
  2. I agree that if there is no good reason, no need to hide ourselves. But there are many good reasons. Safety for example, or real life profession, some may be public figures, you never know. I think I read in here somewhere about a hacker who succesfully made a mess over someone's rl computer years ago bcause she gave him too much information. He made a mess with family photos and friends photos (now I remember, I read it on other website, forgot the name, something like Second life rating for kids). We can be open about our rl, but NOT with everyone and with certain boundaries until we really
  3. She may have partner someday in SL and say, "ah, it's just SL.."
  4. Yes I have alts and each of them has different husband
  5. Be careful hun, sick ppl exists in SL, same as in rl, the different is it is harder to detect them online, thanks to block feature. Have to be very cautious sharing anything RL with someone you don't know well. Internet can be dangerous.
  6. What do you mean? There are so many people don't use voice or cam and they are fine. To be honest, my question is actually the opposite of your question 😄.
  7. I just go explore the worlds, go to places with music, and explore marketplace. I don't want to have friends in here, let alone bf. Those made me forgot my rl friends and made me wanted to log in again and again, even when I actually didnt want to. So I am trying to reduce my time/addiction in SL by avoiding any attachments, so if I get bored (for good), I can just *puff and dissapeared without any weights or burdens to leave (I did this before few times and happily dissapeared for years or months) P.s. I did what icosunflower does also. Minimizing window and do something else in rl or co
  8. Hi, I am looking for someone who can teach me how to make a mesh house in sl. I have basic knowledge in building. Teaching me how to lower the LI, scripts, what software to use, etc. Start from a simple house. Please message if you think you are patient and have good knowledge in this. Thank you. Payment to be discussed later
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