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  1. I had seen some information from the processors and video card and warned that they do not save energy and can heat up
  2. but should i put more gb and ssd ?, processors and video card amd don't give sl a good functioning?
  3. I didn't know it was cheap in other parents, but I'll keep an eye on other better settings
  4. wow, actually i'm asking here in the topic with the english language to give me information about this configuration, but i've already seen what is the problem with brazil. here we pay almost 3k on a pc with these settings.
  5. or do i have to increase the amount of money to buy a more powerful one?
  6. 1000,I'm new to this game and I wanted to know if this is a good to take pictures and enjoy this game. I want one that is not that expensive
  7. Hello,i want to buy this pc wanted to know if this config runs the sl well video card: MSI RADEON RX 570 8GB 256-BIT Processor: Intel core i3 9100f 3.6GHz (4.2GHz turbo) Motherboard:ASRock H310CM-HG4 DDR4 Ram:Team Group T-Force Vulcan 8GB (1x8) 2666MHz storage:HD Toshiba 1TB Sata III 3.5
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