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  1. 😊 Thanks! I didn't think about it as it'd been over a week heh.
  2. Not sure where to write this, but is there any way to update the forum name to my new SL name? It's weird seeing TRDiscordian Resident when I paid $40 USD for Nya Banana. At such a fee for a name, I kind of expected to see that name everywhere.
  3. I've been using Philo Sophia for a while and I wanted to upgrade to the Aeon head as it has a lot more features. I think I got it all going correctly, but my eyelashes just don't draw consistently. I can't for the life of me figure out why: Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Is there a section where I can easily view the stored attachment information while the object is in my inventory? For example if I get an item meant for my pelvis, equip it to my hand first explicitly, it'll later default to equipping to the hand (via wear/double-click), until I manually equip it to pelvis again sometime later. Additionally, it'll likely screw with the rotation (which I believe is what happened with my skirt), which I guess I have to later edit. I don't know where to see/edit these details without having them on my character (or I suppose as you suggested, rezing them and editing from there). I could work around it pretty easily with multiple objects, and it might even be easier. Mostly curious I guess, would reduce the amount of items need in my inventory anyways.
  5. Solved! Solution seems so obvious now. Even though the item is "nomodify" it can be rotated. Simply rotated 90 degrees Y, and I'm good to go :).
  6. I have been struggling to do this correctly, take things as slow as possible, and really understand this lovely world. I bought an extremely nice looking Sailor Jupiter outfit from here for my girlfriend. She's trying to use the Morgan model and equip the outfit, but if required, she's not set on the model. When she equips the skirt, it equips sideways. It's nomodify, so I can't edit it, and otherwise it looks great! (picture attached) Additionally, I noticed they're all labelled "(resizer)", any ideas on how to utilise this feature? Edit: Very obvious, just click the items lol. Thank you for your time :).
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