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  1. Kink requires consent. Kink requires consent. KINK WITHOUT CONSENT IS ABUSE.
  2. Huh. wasn't talking about you, so i had to look back. Nothing about this topic indicated your fetishes. this is a general, non adult forum and place. Instead of me not clicking.. random.. non adult.. general topic... you maybe keep your fetishes out of this general place? Yes, people DO owe basic respect. That's literally a BDSM commandment. Kink without consent is the antithesis of the scene. What indication was there to avoid this? Where is your kink allowed here? Was I supposed to stay out of a very generic, front facing forum where all are encouraged to be, or was it your respo
  3. Peeve: People who involve me in their kink without my consent. Keep your collars, leashes, cages, and discussions thereof in the appropriate places.
  4. I have spent hours reading this thread. The people on the left.. all three of them... are debating, and trying desperately to educate, while continually re-examining their own beliefs. The people on the right are moving onto more whataboutism every time their last point is shot down by objective facts. Funny be that, says I.
  5. I used to have a very full friends list. This George Floyd thing has cut that list down to 12.
  6. I know, and it was halfway poking fun at the absurdity of claiming people get paid to live places in SL. Now for some off topic-ish banter! I do run such an RP place, and it does tend to sit empty for a few hours a day here and there. I find most of the people who stick around are Scandanordiwhoovian people and Japanese folks who like that they've found a place which is, as was explained to me, "Japanese enough to be comfortable" (even though I has not going for that vibe at all.. just making it look like a little tiny urban area) but isn't overloaded with the ridiculous living anime/Japa
  7. I let people live for free, is that close enough?
  8. My tired as heck take on it, as I work my 22nd hour into other stuff? The (relatively) new guy CEO is pissed that Sansar failed no matter how much of the money SL made was thrown at it. Since it failed as everyone expected it seems like he's looking for a quick payday. It was a stupid idea, and it might bring down SL entirely. Due to what Nika said above my confidence is dashed again.
  9. I just wanna say that is the absolute most beautiful head I have seen in SL so fart. Edit so FAR, damnit! It's funny though so I'll leave it.
  10. They aren't. I assumed they were. I am cautiously optimistic.
  11. We're done. As soon as a publicly traded company acquires anything, the death warrant has been signed. A publicly traded company requires infinite growth in a closed system which is impossible. It might be 6 months from now, it might (and is likely to be closer to six months) 16 years from now, but we are done here. Edit: apparently the Waterfield Group is privately held. this actually could be a good thing. COULD.
  12. Friggin' heck WHY are any of us even asking for that? I have a rig that can run Red Dead Redemption 2 full 64 person hacked servers multiplayer with the "always photo mode" patch at 70FPS... but with Second Life and Firestorm I twiddle my thumbs for 10 minutes entering Big Daddy's, for example, and stare at 5 frames per second. It's not my connection, either. I could run 10 instances of SL before making a tiny difference in ping. My experience isn't unique, either. I don't know what Linden Labs is doing wrong, but there is something being done SEVERELY wrong. There is absolutely noth
  13. You giggle but with how damned empty it is everywhere I go, this is entirely possible. I look at what are ostensibly the most popular places and can add up about 4 hundred users.
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