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  1. 19 hours ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

    you pay 175 a month per region, that's not multiple, that is 1 region (sim)

    if you had 2, you would be paying  for each one each month, even if they have the same payment date. 

    Thought so. Thanks for explaining it to me 😊

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  2. So, I've looked at a few of the threads and this question was not asked that I've seen. I looked at the land ownership tiers and monthly expenses. But it only goes up to the region. My question is, is that the maximum tier or is that per region. For example. If I decide to own multiple regions will I only get charged the $175 per month or is that $175 per region per month? 


    Also, I am willing to invest in some profitable endeavors if there are people looking for partners on running a sim. I have limited knowledge in building, but I am a great decorator and have been getting back into working on photoshop as well as have financial backing for this. Although, I can invest some hundreds per month and not thousands at the moment, but am willing to grow as we grow. I want to be a business owner/partner and am trying to figure out the best way about it in secondlife. I feel that buying and renting out properties while having multiple financial adventures on the rented lands would be the most beneficial way to do this. I rent land and can show my skills that I have as of now and we can grow together 🙂

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