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  1. Ashmore, PA?? Is that a fictional town or is it close to Banshee County..😉
  2. I sure can see how enslaving fantasy Characters such as wookies by Imperial forces from Lord Vader or Emperor Palpatine could be mistrude
  3. Too bad star wars rp sims dont allow furries. Some the old Galaxy Guide rp supplements for Star Wars by West End games had characters that looked like furries to me. You could create a whole race of furries suppressed or enslaved by the Empire.
  4. Forgot to mention drama, you wouldn’t think that goes on because everyone is roleplaying a character of another personality or background.
  5. You have to keep it interesting enough to keep people coming back time after time. Look how many Modern Urban roleplay sims I have seen start up and fail after 6 months. A dozen. They get boring, there too much focus on slsex, there is no one ever around or you have a stupid hud There is crack den if you can break into roleplay.
  6. What type of area is this? Is this family rp city?
  7. In the sims I RP’d in you roleplayed in character in the sim and was OOC in IM or in the OOC chat group. The place I roleplayed in had Mentors that are supposed to help new roleplayers. They helped alright but to all the new girls who were sexually active in the sim.
  8. Its connecting with someone that you can see eye to eye with. We are not all here for the same reason and won’t always agree. I may have dated someone with hidden multiple alts doing all kind of deviltry. But like cypher said in the Matrix.. ignorance is bliss. I am ok with some having a small army as long as they spend time with me when I am in world.
  9. If you are with someone you think are hiding alts and its an issue. Maybe thats not the person for you. Everyone probably has a couple stuffed in the closet somewhere
  10. Majority of the friends on my list are friends I have bumped pixels with In SL. I have been the side girl to some, met in roleplay areas or on beaches. Then we continued on with the friendship.
  11. I am a girl in RL and have a trans woman avatar. It works. Have fun
  12. Not necessarily mean but like to start drama, self centered, crybabies, whiners, and liars
  13. Sorry the pic there looks like a muscular male av
  14. Stud lesbian is that the same thing as a transgender male??
  15. I hate about mesh heads that if you don’t use the default shape then you have to mess around getting to look right
  16. Wait a darn minute here..you’re saying there is more than sex in SL... this is a conspiracy and you are all in on it
  17. I met a few that make SL an extension of their RL or their only social interaction.
  18. Don’t overanalyze it. Have fun. Be careful. Some dude wants to buy my way thru Sl. I wouldnt have any issues with it. I am a roleplayer at heart. I can be whatever he wants
  19. My partner knows in rl and does not care. I don’t usually do the sl relationship thing anymore. Too much B.S. with people and feelings being hurt. You come to SL you need to wear your big boy or big girl 👖
  20. Roleplaying in a bar, the rp sim is long gone, and doing body shots with a few other girls. It was sensual with out getting too sexual
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