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  1. On 12/8/2020 at 3:03 PM, CaerolleClaudel said:

    IMO, SL is far better than RL, especially considering that I have spent my whole life in rural flyover country in the US (the 'Bible Belt'), where intolerance of pretty much everything beyond conservative white Christianity is the rule.

    Honestly, those couple times at Fogbound, out of many times, was about the only time I have been harassed, and that was by patrons, not staff. Then again, I have always to the extent possible only frequented female-only, queer places, or places that were mostly female and the men were polite and well-behaved. That is a lot easier in SL than in the aforementioned RL in which I am enmeshed. If I lived in one of the largest cities in the county instead of the largest small town in the country, I could probably do that IRL, too, but for example lesbian bars and queer clubs in general had declined quite a lot even before the pandemic. Not that life is just bars and clubs, I think of Provincetown and areas in the big cities where you can exist in communities with very large queer contingencies. SL is like being able to immediately go to a place like that no matter where you are at the moment.

    Probably the most grief I have taken is when men hit on me without reading my profile (first word: 'Lesbian') and then get mad when I talk to them politely and finally insist that no, I am not interested, I am gay, when they get to the point of wanting to have sex. I think they feel I have led them on or something. I have from time-to-time just immediately said 'Lesbian' when they said hi, lol, but that seems to lead to an argument, too. 🙄

    I feel you.   I am a transgirl in SL and guys don’t read my profile.  I quit explaining until we are alone and they get surprised.     But i like to hang out in bare sun beach or Ku’lani beach

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Fritigern Gothly said:

    Falling in love with someone your own gender DOES make you bi/gay (depending of whether you are still interested in the opposite sex).


    I disagree.  I think you can be gay or bi in SL and straight in RL.   Its when you act on it in RL that it makes a difference. 

  3. There is lesbian teahouse.  There is Bare Sun Beach.  That is bi, lesbian and trans.  There is a bdsm club called Venustus.  Maybe Club Cucci if its still open.   Maybe Zue nightlife I think it is called.  

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  4. Pretending to be someone else than I am in real life is fun for me.   Using an alt to try a different aspect of SL is also fun...vampire...neko...furry...Slave.. mistress...etc.  I don’t take it seriously.   This isn’t a social network for me.  I have fun with others and avoid people who take it too seriously

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