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  1. I am a squatter so I don’t pay rent.
  2. One of the dating sims in SL has a friend section
  3. Looking for someone in the forums is a start. There are groups and dating groups that this guy could investigate including social networking in SL. Really anything to get your name out there
  4. I feel you. I am a transgirl in SL and guys don’t read my profile. I quit explaining until we are alone and they get surprised. But i like to hang out in bare sun beach or Ku’lani beach
  5. I disagree. I think you can be gay or bi in SL and straight in RL. Its when you act on it in RL that it makes a difference.
  6. I think it is reality vs fantasy. Just because in RL you are straight does not make you bi or gay because you are having sex with the same gender in SL. Its when you act on it in RL that makes a difference.
  7. Probably what happens is they are really bisexual in real life in the closet but they come to SL where no one knows them. They become what they wish here
  8. I think most of it is an emotional connection based upon a fantasy world
  9. I was always impressed when I first started in SL when a lesbian friend who was a mistress would easily pick up other mistresses in clubs in SL.
  10. There is lesbian teahouse. There is Bare Sun Beach. That is bi, lesbian and trans. There is a bdsm club called Venustus. Maybe Club Cucci if its still open. Maybe Zue nightlife I think it is called.
  11. Pretending to be someone else than I am in real life is fun for me. Using an alt to try a different aspect of SL is also fun...vampire...neko...furry...Slave.. mistress...etc. I don’t take it seriously. This isn’t a social network for me. I have fun with others and avoid people who take it too seriously
  12. I am a bi girl in real life In my 30’s but started wearing an Aero ck after a gf bought it for me in SL. So now I am a transgender woman in SL. I enjoy it. I meet a lot of girls in SL now than I did before
  13. Whats lqbt meet-ups? Is the same thing as hookups?
  14. Depends on what you want to do as fun
  15. I usually dont get picked up. I usually do the picking and yeah its fun meeting someone for a one night stand. For that I don’t read much into reading the profile that much either.
  16. I can be the pretender and bash you, start rumors and tell all kinds of lies. As a friend I can tell you to avoid the pretender, talk you up, your the best person in SL, your all that and a bag of chips.
  17. Most guys dont read my profile so when they take me back to their place and I take my bikini or clothes off they are surprised to find.... umm something extra 😜
  18. Where did you start roleplaying in sl?
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