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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Danshire/90/29/52 Sought after large oceanfront property 1/8th region Permanent access to sailing the islands of SL 2812 Land Capacity L$19.00 per square mt L$155566 full price
  2. Thanks Alwin, Confirmed my suspicion. Thanks for the advice. .
  3. Yesterday I purchased land with a dwelling on it. The sale document specified the land included the objects. The description in the About Land General tab still reads: "sqm 512 .. sqm 175 .. MAXY OFFERT !!! water protect . land of privilege in sl . house including !!! RENT : 500 ld ( wk ) for info contact : fotomodello78 bellios" The seller in question has not been inworld since the purchase. All objects are still owned by the seller and the dwelling is still advertised for rent. I have left a couple of IMs but what else can I do to secure ownership of the objects and prev
  4. Adding to the excellent Hypnosis post by @Helium in 2013: btw: 2013 is too long between posts for such an important and potentially life-improving field of personal change work and I encourage experienced hypnotists to add to the discussion/debate. Some thoughts: TRANCE or an episode of absorbed attention, as @Helium stated, is a naturally occurring state of consciousness. These happen to us continually - maybe even continuously - all throughout our life. Arguably what we consider “waking consciousness” is just one of a multitude of trance states (albeit probably the most comm
  5. My name is Phloc. Although I’m a noob I was actually born in 2007 and enjoyed SL for three or four years. After wandering in the RL wilderness for 10 years, the Lindens have kindly allowed me to rejoin with all the old stuff I accumulated. Why did I return? - Loneliness? Unfinished business? Boredom? Curiosity? Higher purpose? Learning? - Really a combination of all these and more. It’s always been fascinating to me how we come to be who we are, not genetically but environmentally: What was the chain of events that led to me being THE me that I am and not someone completely differe
  6. Thank you Lindal, I've gotten it sorted. Sending you a Lindt Chocolate Bunny when I can find one
  7. Media (music) stopped playing in one region (Franks Jazz Club). Received it fine on first visit then nothing but sound effects on following visits. Music media plays everywhere else ok. How do I reset?
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