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  1. Thanks Alwin, Confirmed my suspicion. Thanks for the advice. .
  2. Yesterday I purchased land with a dwelling on it. The sale document specified the land included the objects. The description in the About Land General tab still reads: "sqm 512 .. sqm 175 .. MAXY OFFERT !!! water protect . land of privilege in sl . house including !!! RENT : 500 ld ( wk ) for info contact : fotomodello78 bellios" The seller in question has not been inworld since the purchase. All objects are still owned by the seller and the dwelling is still advertised for rent. I have left a couple of IMs but what else can I do to secure ownership of the objects and prevent people traipsing through my lounge room trying to rent the place ?? Phloc
  3. Adding to the excellent Hypnosis post by @Helium in 2013: btw: 2013 is too long between posts for such an important and potentially life-improving field of personal change work and I encourage experienced hypnotists to add to the discussion/debate. Some thoughts: TRANCE or an episode of absorbed attention, as @Helium stated, is a naturally occurring state of consciousness. These happen to us continually - maybe even continuously - all throughout our life. Arguably what we consider “waking consciousness” is just one of a multitude of trance states (albeit probably the most common one). Certainly when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the alternate reality of the story in a film or a book; when we daydream about lovers or adventures; construct logical arguments and hypotheses; play music or become absorbed listening to music and especially when we debate or argue with our own “inner dialogue” as we often do - we are in a trance state different to, and separate from normal consciousness. Very often we continue to perform complex tasks while consciously unaware of what we are doing. Those of us who drive a vehicle are familiar with the “how did I get here?” syndrome when, although we’ve been totally engaged within our thoughts and unaware of our physical surroundings, we continue to drive excellently along the correct route and arrive safely at our destination without the slightest recollection of how we managed it. @Helium is also spot on when he/she says a hypnosis subject must be an active participant. Hypnosis is not something a hypnotist does to you. Hypnosis is a contract in which both parties have roles and activities to perform and the subject must have a very real reason for wishing to engage in the process. Aside from recreational or entertainment purposes the main reason for wishing to “be hypnotised” is that trance is a proven way to “shortcut” the long and difficult personal change process required to alter personality “settings” chosen very early in life - long before we knew what we were doing or had enough experience to choose our settings wisely (see my post in https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/426928-who-are-you-we-want-to-know/page/8/ ). Psychologists’ current “go-to” protocol for behaviour modification is CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and whilst it is effective for those who finish the course, it takes a great deal of effort, application and self-discipline to see it through. A large proportion of starters don’t finish. Lastly to the matter of safety and particularly the issue of abreaction (the subject who “freaks out” while in trance). There are at least two schools of thought among hypnotherapists. The classical school sees hypnosis as simply an effective tool for the performance of psychoanalysis - the Freudian notion that to change the future one must review the past to find out what went wrong. Clearly, making someone in trance vividly relive an unpleasant episode is a good way to have them freak out. The newer school utilises hypnotic trance in conjunction with operant conditioning to generate fresh outcomes by associating behaviours the subject aspires to with intense pleasurable experience while in trance. Having discussed the subject’s desired outcomes and with no need to delve into often painful past experience there is zero tension of the type required to create abreaction with this generative use of hypnosis. To sum up. A modern hypnotist is a guide skilled in assisting a subject to enter a trance state and then manipulate it to establish a positive pleasure framework that will support desired thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours in the subject’s future. As these manifest in the subject’s ongoing life experience the operant nature of the conditioning naturally reinforces and strengthens the tendency to behave optimally and there is little need for continuing input by a second party. In my experience though, a number of subjects do return requesting further trance work. These tend to be those with submissive tendencies interested in exploring their newfound ability to experience pleasure in a dom/sub context. Some have asked me to train their RL partner to take over the “controlling” function in the hypnotist/subject relationship. This is harmless fun for the most part but I advise caution. The primary essential condition for successful outcomes using hypnosis is TRUST and it may be extended to a third party only with some level of risk. Phloc Shepherd
  4. My name is Phloc. Although I’m a noob I was actually born in 2007 and enjoyed SL for three or four years. After wandering in the RL wilderness for 10 years, the Lindens have kindly allowed me to rejoin with all the old stuff I accumulated. Why did I return? - Loneliness? Unfinished business? Boredom? Curiosity? Higher purpose? Learning? - Really a combination of all these and more. It’s always been fascinating to me how we come to be who we are, not genetically but environmentally: What was the chain of events that led to me being THE me that I am and not someone completely different. I’ve devoted many years in RL to research driving a taxi on the night-shift. Granted taxi-driving isn’t the only occupation that interacts one-on-one, face-to-face with 5 thousand humans each year but it does allow a unique perspective on society in a couple of respects: First: most other “people” occupations only deal with small sectors of society - nurses with the sick; cops with criminals; bar staff with drunk party people - but the cohort of taxi passengers is a random cross-section of the whole society. Second: in the time BSP (Before Smart Phone) people travelling in a taxi generally had nothing much to do for the duration of the trip and a driver adept at striking up conversation could delve deeply into the interests and history of just about everyone. That was especially true at night as the taxi was a warm, dark, intimate, anonymous space - the sort that that encourages candour in anyone inclined to chat - rich or poor, young or old, married, single, female, male, company director, builders labourer, scientist - it didn’t matter. Empirical observation informs me that I and every one of you are the product of all the choices we’ve made over the course of our lives and, importantly, that we make 90 percent of them before we’re old enough to know we’ve made them. Childhood choices I made left me a “Loner” for much of my life. I’m also curious; I’m caring; I need to matter; I need to help; I’m confident; I’m competent but above all I’m lonely. Coming back to Second Life I’m hoping to find others I can talk to who’ve noticed things about the human family they find it difficult or controversial to explain to “normal” people; others who feel a need to share and debate their knowledge, understandings and conclusions in a non-judgmental friendly, safe space. I’m also certain that choices made when we were very young were made to please those we depended on for survival and are the reason (as Theroux put it) "Most of us live lives of quiet desperation”. As children we couldn’t make the positive, self-affirming, supportive choices needed to create the framework for achieving all we wish in life but we can do so now, at any age, with a little help and guidance. So I’m hopeful that people who’d like to achieve better outcomes or simply to chat about the difficulties re-doing those early choices will say hello and talk with me over a cup of coffee, on the dance floor or by a fire and maybe accept my help to leave any residual toxic shame behind and move on. I started a group many years ago called “The Phloccers” and those who wish to stay in touch are welcome to join.
  5. Thank you Lindal, I've gotten it sorted. Sending you a Lindt Chocolate Bunny when I can find one
  6. Media (music) stopped playing in one region (Franks Jazz Club). Received it fine on first visit then nothing but sound effects on following visits. Music media plays everywhere else ok. How do I reset?
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