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  1. How do I get the applier to add my avatar body I have the Maitreya Lara body but I like to buy some jeans or tops some saying appliers and am not sure how that works. I tried YouTube came up empty so how do I get it to work?
  2. Well, there is beyou is a simple RP like the sims 4 or 3, games but only for second life only need to sign up at city hall and their websites easy to sign up a get Hud and meter and that's it. no rush get anywhere there levels but no rush I have friends who are cooks or doctors etc. I am not yet though but is a lot of fun making things or cooking etc. though stuff will need not be cheap like a kitchen.
  3. I just adopted a toddler and she needs a father figure anyone guys are willing sure maybe ladies too but am straight sorry. but if a female in male av that cools too. so any guys out there? PS I work so another reason why need a daddy so someone looks after her while at work on here.
  4. ✌️ used be in imvu like last person left was getting money hungrier is why came back here am in rp groups. isn't hard to find depending what looking for.
  5. well, there is Beyou not hard thing like the sims may have seen online but for second life get to do pretty anything like cooking gardening some of my friends on here either lawyer or reinstates our supermarket. but another place is the amazon rain forest don't have sex there you haunt and gain thing weapons. am on amazon and am not interested in sex but those only ones I know off the bat.
  6. Hi am looking more job as a host yes I know how to host and looking for some more work to do. you im or message me here also if need find me inworld am on most late at night.
  7. I can be friends just having trust in someone here is another most people not in for the friendship the last person try to be friends with was already hitting on me. Is hard to find someone who isn't come up to me ask me in the mood to "play" which is why I have a hard time trusting anyone. but I am friendly.
  8. Um, anyone else got anything feeling my topic got lost after the mermaid retreat is serious want job as a host so please message me. help me out here do not keep asking money from my friends when earning my own.
  9. your welcome ill come later tomorrow or Sunday today don't feel being on feeling blah. but ill be on once feeling better i promise.
  10. Hi, I am looking for a job as modelling or doing as hosting am not new been here for a good while been busy trying a job that can do never done modelling or hosting before but I am willing to learn anyone willing to teach how. If need a picture of me I am on Flickr and can send links of me But will not do anything in hosting want friendly and safe and do not use voice either. So please show your support plus am good role-playing.
  11. Yes, ive also been getting this a lot if am sl viewer it be fine just fs
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