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  1. No, I think this is quite the place to talk about it as it is the topic directly linked in your news push, if you disagree please, feel free to report my posts. Ultimately, it is not "your" community, it is an open piece of kit for anyone to use, most of whom aren't even aware of the news feature. While I appreciate the work put into it, and see the value of the news to give product information, I did not buy anything you made, so I do not expect your agenda, whatever it is, to be pushed onto me. You are neglecting to address that, pushing this onto people without their consent, people who
  2. I second this. I wear heartcore, I can't edit the scripts to rip this out myself. I appreciate what you're trying to do, but if I wanted updates/news like this I would join the relevant groups, this behaviour just makes me resent it, so please stop sending this kind of thing through the products themself. To add to that, enough people are finding this whole thing stressful, and anxiety inducing, they come to SL to escape from it, the last thing they need is to be reminded of it when they come to SL via an object they have no control over. This is a misuse of the ability to push updates to p
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