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  1. Heya, am new to SL so forgive me for any mistakes or misunderstandings here. I'm looking for a designer/creator/whatever the term is who can help me make some custom clothing/mesh for my avatar. The main reason is that, while I use the Kuroo body for most of my avatar, I have the Dazzle Bat legs and feet, which means that any clothing on my legs simply will not fit, and I do not have the experiences necessary to create anything custom or modify anything existing to fit. I'm hoping to get some thigh high socks/stockings made for my avatar, and possibly some matching arm warmers as well, which is why the odd leg setup makes something custom necessary lol. Linked a picture of my model as an attachment, not sure how else i'd do it. Feel free to IM me in game or just leave a post here, would love to find someone who can help with this. Thank you!
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