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  1. Do shrews even live in groups? I don't think so but I'm not sure. And I'm not really abnormally angry, I just like to playfully overreact because deep down I'm a clown here to entertain or annoy, depending on how you take me. I'm looking for some friends. I've been bouncing here and there for 50 days and have made about four friends. Not bad but I'm out here trying to catch them all. I like anime a lot, Japanese music, JRPGS, the kind of stuff that could possibly classify someone as a weeaboo if they weren't self-aware enough to accept that fact that 'No Virginia, you're not Japanese; you're parents were born on the East coast, not in the far East' which thankfully I haven't sunk that far into delusion. My avatar(s) are mesh anime. You might not like the way I look but I do. I can be really talkative and really opinionated but I'm not a dick about my opinions because I look at this way: there are a million and one ways to get your point across, you don't have to pick the one where you're an ass for the sake of being an ass. I cuss a lot but I've been trying to tone it down to varying degrees of success depending on the day. I think I'm easy enough to get along with, I've got a go with the flow attitude despite being hyper at times. I'm super nice most days, I swear. Love me? inb4 Second Life makes it possible to downvote posts and I get downvoted to hell and back lmao
  2. That place sounds fun. If all avatars are welcome as long as they are gay or gay-friendly regardless of appearance and gender then I might hit it up. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. I empathize with original poster but really have no social anxieties so I don't get it exactly but I'm offering my inbox open to the original poster all the same. I do get what you mean however Lilith. I haven't been on SL for years like you but I've been to more than one place in which I've been ignored or have been asked to leave because of my uwu anime avatars. It doesn't make me sad. First it makes me angry and then I just go WELL ***** THEM, their *****ing loss. You're on infrequently I get that but I hope it is okay to send you a message too. I'll be truthful, you won my over with your icon pic.
  4. I have it now. Thank you @Jordan Whitt for showing me where this was at!
  5. I want - no NEED the rare pink cosplay mannequin. Does anyone have it? I'll offer 1,200 just for that because it's the one thing I've been searching off and on for two weeks with no luck and I'm tired of waiting now that I actually have a home that I need to make my own!
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