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  1. There is a beautiful tree in my neighborhood that is disturbing my peace.

    My parcel is quiet, but the beautiful tree tree ding dongs elsewhere on Linden land all over the region. The only way to engage in activity outside my parcel without ding dongs is to mute all "Sounds," but then I can't hear other sounds. Though I don't think it matters, the tree is rooted in the neighbor's property with a few branches overflowing onto Linden land.  

    I've sent my neighbor an IM and a note card very nicely asking her to restrict sounds to her parcel and showed her how to in region settings. But, who knows how often this person logs on. 

    Apparently this does not break Covenant. Light pollution is not permitted, but sound pollution is?  

    Am I missing something?

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    Honestly, it sounds to me like you aren't all that attached to your current location, and since your highest priority is to try to be near water, I'd vote for getting back into the game now while there are plenty of cabins still being released. The odds that the current view keeps its "ocean" appearance are very small, IMO. (I caught one on a sim edge just like that, and threw it back, for this very reason.)

    Yuppers. That's just what I did, let it go. Back to the find water quest. Not trusting that this may remain water. I'll just have to kick myself in the butt if that's the case. (Ouch!)

    Thanks for all the comments everybody!

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    But you could be at the gateway to a mountain nature preserve, with a fantastic view of the range.  You'd kick yourself later if you abandoned it without waiting to see what happens. 

    But how long will it take for the new land to be put in place? And will the final result make it worth the wait?  What if a great water plot is missed? Only, what 2K new log homes left? 

    I will just have to chew the rest of my nails off while I ponder this  problem. 😬

    And I remind myself, given all that's going on lately, this really isn't such a big problem after all.

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  4. Greetings to all you SSP knowledgeable people. I need some feedback.

    I scored what I thought was an amazing ocean front Log Cabin in Chuckle Pond. WOW! Then I realized there is no ocean in Log Cabin Land.  

    Who knows what the heck the Belli Masters may put next to me. What would you do if water front was your priority? Keep and see? (And maybe waste time.) Or release?




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