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  1. I've been looking for active scubadivers myself, but like you say, while there are a few groups around, they don't seem super-active. So I'll be sure to send you an IM Monalisa. If I forget you're welcome to poke me too. That goes for anyone else reading this and are in need of a few dive buddies. :) I joined one SL Scuba diving group once... and one member from it contacted me.. asking if I was interested in some "Scuba diving fetish play". I didn't even ask for an elaboration on that one.. >_> But I'm sure some actual diving takes place too, it has to. :D All the best //Valerie
  2. Orwar.. That gif will haunt me more than any goats you may have sacrificed in your basement.. Yikes šŸ˜‚ Thatbabiiavi, I'd be happy to hang out sometime. Don't really have an abundance of friends myself. /Valerie
  3. *waves* I'd happily meet up and hang out sometime. /Valerie
  4. I love Cards Against Humanity! Hit me up anytime (or I'll hit you up!).
  5. Hey Miss Ebony! Hope you're having a good time in SL. I don't have a lot of friends, so if you want to hang out, feel free to poke me in-world. Hugs Valerie
  6. Wb to SL Lua. šŸ˜Š I've been around for a couple of years, with the occasional hiatus. Don't have alot of friends who I really feel that I click with and can do stuff with. I enjoy immersing myself in SL with a myriad of things, clubbing, beaching, scuba-diving, shopping etc. Hit me up! /Valerie
  7. Emotes (they don't need to be overly long, but they can be, it differs) during sex is hot, and in combination with the "pixel bumping" as some called it, it's a hot combination. I guess to me... emotes conveys passion.. that's putting it simply. And we can all agree that a passionate partner is so much hotter than one with a stone-face just laying there pounding, quiet, no facial expression, just the occasional "ooh aaah"... Well there you have it, at least from my perspective. Passion (aka emotes) can of course be conveyed in other things as well, not just sex. It's really up to the individual, personally I think it adds flavor.
  8. Personally I keep SL and RL separate. To me SL is sort of a "projection" of myself. Meaning that yes, I do take things seriously here. Whether it's friendship, or romantical relationships. That being said, I am here go relax, have fun, indulge in whatever I feel like indulging in. It is, in a way, a break from the routines most of us have in RL. I tend to be very passionate and immersive in everything I do in SL, both various activities as well as friendships and romantic/sexual relationships/flings. That said, of course I don't mind sharing parts of my RL, or hear about others, that's a natural progression as we get to know eachother. But my focus will always be on SL, and the things I/we do here. Of course anything can happen, deep connections forming over time are possible. But if I go in with the PURPOSE of finding an RL partner, then I will go on Tinder or some other RL-datingsite, not to SL. My two cents šŸ™‚
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