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  1. Thanks Lindal, I did suspect this as part of the issue, but others I peak to say that they aren't as affected. My inventory is quite OCD, everything in neat folders and subfolders... dont think that would be an issue and its not changed for ages. TY for the advice though and probably best I just pain it out till it returns to normal (touch wood) xxx
  2. Hi All, For the past few days I've had some major login and teleporting issues. When trying to log in I get the 'Awaiting region Handshake' message and then it fails. After a few attempts and trying different locations I can sometimes get back on.... but then if I try to TP anywhere i get kicked off. I've so far: - Done a clean re-install of Firestorm - Removed antivirus completely and disabled Firewall (to test if that was the issue) - Av complexity is only 26k At a loss... anyone else experiencing this?
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