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  1. is there an application we could fill out for these positions ?
  2. i would just like to thank you for this tip because i used it and it improved my pictures 😊
  3. thank you so much i'll definitely check that out 😌
  4. i always see such pretty avis, w what looks like high quality pictures & i know a lot of people dont like sharing their tips to getting those high quality shots but if anybody could spare some tips on how to get such cute high quality pictures i would love to hear it 😊
  5. lol try looking in some of the other listings too ,hopefully you find something
  6. hey i applied a few days ago for the host position and was just following up 🙂
  7. where can we apply for the position ?
  8. 100% lol because who's paying 100 in rl ??? & 20k that's nowhere near cheap
  9. yes but logically she might and im just making a suggestion for her.
  10. yes i know the basis of what a portfolio does & i understand what you're saying, but she's saying that she doesn't have one but if she has any other forms of social media that displays her talents she could be able to work from that so people can see what's she's done so far.
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