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  1. It was a humanoid shape, default from the Avatar workbench - female angel. I deleted bones hierarchically that I wasnt using, eg hind legs, half the wings. Im not entirely sure where to set these values. Im assuming it would be on each individual bone?
  2. Ive followed what you have stated here and have had much better success, the model is much less deformed, but there is still something wrong with the bones. Viewing through Developer > Render Metadata > Joints. Sicne Im using the Avatar workbench model, I already have the properties set. The mesh is deformed, but it only seems to be vertical deformation. From what I can tell via the Developer rendering options, the bones dont look linked properly, and seem to mostly be horizontal except a couple at the back. Here is a screenshot of the model, left and center is SL, right is Bl
  3. Im having problems with importing my rigged and weighted. Everything seems fine up until I enable 'weights' preview in the upload dialog: I thought maybe it was just the default animation that was causing it, since i have modified bones and thier positions to fit my model. I imported and played a custom animation that works within blender for my exact rig. But still fails, looking like the picture above, malformed and disfigured beyond use. Everything in the blender file is not scaled, all transforms are applied, and all bones and their corresponding vertex groups are labeled c
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