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  1. (holding back my Excitement) Thank you😁 I am checking it out right now. WOOT! I want to party, going to be Learning Stuff TODAY!
  2. oh, The more I know Now I see it.😊 👍 cool
  3. Thank you for The Tips and congratulating me on Finding something. lol. I think I downloaded Blender at one point. I will give it ago again. When I First downloaded it. I was trying to make "avatars" well, on here there called AO's I Will get this. (CHEERS)
  4. How would I go about With makeup? I Bought the Cawta mesh head. where do I go to get the Mesh? would I be looking for "Developer Kit" ? Is there a youtube video, maybe? Do you know who I can look up? lol sorry. so many questions. Thank you for helping me in advance I appreciate it.
  5. Hello! I am new, Of course. Nice to meet you. I came from IMVU and I had dabbed into creating on there. I have questions Coming out of my..BEEP! But my first question is. What would be a good starting point on creating? For example. Hair, eyes, makeup, Furniture. another one I have is. What do you use? I had used Gimp like a Loser for years on imvu. lol. I heard it all the time People saying to me ''PS is way better''..(photoshop) ... mmhm, yup. I got ya, Totally get it.🤭The list can go and on. I will tell you. I did read on how to get Started and when I say "Started" I mean. Going
  6. Thank you! Right now, I am just trying to find my place. It is so weird to say that >.< But, I been trying to figure out about jobs and housing. ALL OF THAT AWESOME STUFF! lol
  7. I am still trying to learn How to understand how to Dress my avi. For being new I think i am doing a good job. Now i need to learn everything else ❤️
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