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  1. All other rooms are 25L still available
  2. Hello everyone, I'm jane...... Looking for roommates this house naked at the moment for the living room area, kitchen.. eg. The main house has 4 bedroom 3 bath you can come with your own stuff and deco your own room. I'm hoping to have a fun chill vibe with the house bring friends over, and have fun with it. The Guest House is separated from the main house for more privacy or more space its already furnished but I can take the stuff off out if you want. rent would be 25-50L IM Inworld- jilts I will give you a full tour.
  3. Hello I'm jane, I just recently started playing SL again just for the fact of creating my store in SL. for that business part of sl..... But its getting boring and i would like to have a roleplay with family and friends. am chilll person, from the Caribbean and down to earth. Something to make my SL experience Much better.
  4. Hello I'm Jane, I recently started playing SL again Just the fact to create my own store in it but its getting boring and I need friends to give me that SL Experience. I also Own a House its empty LMAO I just build mesh stuff in there Thats it lmaooo if you wanna move in thats cool... Its emptyy Lmaooo . But you can contact me I'm always online
  5. Helllo, everyone. I recently started to play Sl im new here and I know there ALL LOT of job that require you to have a mesh body... and i don't have mesh body any job available or look into that having a mesh body isn't a priority I willing to be trained Inerested in customer service I'm a graphic creator on imvu ( I have skills in blender and PS) No Dancer.. No escort I have worked with a magazine before with fashion would like to do it again I do have management skills
  6. Also To add Is meshing is a self learning thing? If so I have no Problem with that. i have self taught my self with photoshop and over time I have gotten better . I love what i do being a creator on imvu but i'm interested in meshing. If self teaching is what i have to do im fine with that. I will need the basic or at least know where to start .
  7. Hello Good day, I'm a Imvu Creator and i have made good success on imvu but i only texture, Im great at photo shopping and doing what i have to do being a imvu creator. But my focus is changing and I'm starting to get involve with second life and wanting to be a Mesh creator and texture. Im a creator at heart and want to share my style in second life as i did in IMVU. Im intrested in creating clothes... shoes.. all good stuff. I know that meshing in Sl and different mesh body is a BIG New court that im willing to play These are my questions Where do I start in meshing ( programs to use, all the details that i need to know) Any where or Any person thats willing to teach meshing clothes in sl ( if so im willing to pay and learn) Where do i even start ( to be honest, i just need some Guidance I Know this is all lot of work but im Quarantining and i have all lot of time lol. I willing to put the hard work In and learn something new each day. Im very grateful if u respond back to this. if there anything u want to add or contact me in world u can IM in sl I'm online alllllll the timeee. Also if there any group in world that can help me with meshing can u please suggestion below and also if there anyone out there like me trying to learn a new skill and im happy to get in contact with you and share tips and trips with this new journey ❤ Yet Again Thank you and stay safe.
  8. i need help setting up a( rented)store the land mark said no builidng so im stuck on what to do how to set it it up
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