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  1. I'm moving out of a Traditional on Cheddar Bay. It's got a beautiful view to the East, an almost private beach, and has a cute little row boat out back. I just seem unable to make it home 😕 Hitting the button as soon as I post this.
  2. I'm going to release a Victorian, after posting this, in a region called Periana. I'd never heard of it before tonight. Anyway, it didn't have that 'feel' so I am releasing it.
  3. Not sure if my issue is related, but suddenly can't rez anything on my LH or group held mainland properties. Correct group tags are worn 😕 I was rezzing items up to ten minutes ago.
  4. I'm about to release a different Victorian home, in East Randolph. Nice park area on two sides. and right next to a rez zone (rez zones are on my no no list of wants 🙂)
  5. I just let it back out as the previous owner wouldn't leave. But there's another Vic now 😕
  6. Thank you, it was a pleasant surprise. I've seen some go quickly, but also some take almost two hours to get back out after being abandoned. I'm sad you had to let it go. I hope you got something that makes you happier.
  7. I got it, I had just given up a cabin, and randomly clicked even though I've been after a Trad 😕 Clicky finger syndrome
  8. I'm going to release the Victorian on Merriweather. It has an uninterrupted view West from the corner. I'll release once this post has gone up.
  9. It was Merriweather 🙂 I have it in my posession for now.
  10. I just managed to get in ~ finally. Now back to square one, don't relog to search for homes 😕
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