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  1. Hi all ...can anyone tell me how I go about 'advertising' a club or event / 'wanted' / etc in SL please?.....I used to know which buttons to click on...but I've totally forgotten since I cam back to SL!! LOL...Many thanks ....General Blenheim
  2. Many thanks for you informative response Amanda....I will certainly pursue the role-play community suggestion.
  3. A very good point Garnet...thank you I will certainly take that on-board. The club is not intended to be a men-only club at all and I do need to make that clearer. I am hoping it will be a role-play venue for 'Adventurers' both women and men. You have also made me more aware of how the 'inclinations' of other members may be perceived in relation to the theme of the club. Thank you ...your advice is greatly appreciated.......General Blenheim
  4. Hi Alwin, thanks for your advice. That was not my intention I just genuinely want to know if there are any SL actors operating in SL. I'm not setting up a business its purely a creative artistic project and looking for collaborators to work with.
  5. Greetings... I'm hoping there are SL ACTORS out there who may be interested in this? I am currently undertaking a project in Second Life... a recreation of The Adventures Club.. Which was originally a Downtown Disney interactive theatre club set in 1935. Actors playing various 'Adventurer' roles populated this fictitious atmospheric club and interacted directly with the public who visited the club for drinks and the unique experience. It has now become legendary. I am exploring the possibility of finding SL/RL actors who may be interested in helping me develop this SL interactive theatre version of the club. If there are any actors working in SL who may be interested in playing such Adventurer roles and developing this project please respond to this post or get in touch...SL in world name... GeneralBlenheim
  6. Hi Beth....good to know someone out in SL remembers it and that you have actually been there and drank at the bar...those moving bar stools were always a treat to watch peoples reactions :)) I went there in 1998 with my wife and son ...we loved it so much we went back there every night for four nights.Such a shame it closed. Anyway ...as I said in my posting ..I' m building a version of the club and I'm looking for a small group of Adventurers Club enthusiasts to help me get it set up and define what the club can offer in terms of entertainment....I don't want it to be yet another DJ music club in SL....but to capture the unique actor based theatrical role-play that the RL club was based on. If you are interested oin this kind of project in SL please feel free to contact me in SL.... .GeneralBlenheim and come and see the land Ive begun building the club on. If you know anyone else who would be interested please spread the word. Many thanks for your interest......may you return safely from all your adventures. Kind regards General. C. Blenheim
  7. Hi Folks....does anyone remember The Adventurers Club at Downtown Disney? I ask because I'm interested to know how many SL people have had the pleasure of visiting that incredibly unique club during the years it was open? I have begun to create my own version of the club in-world but its really early days and I realize I need the input and participation of others who share the same enthusiasm I have from having visited the real Adventurers Club when it existed. I hope there are some of you who know what the hell I'm talking about...lol...and you respond, as I want to create an in-world group called 'The New York Adventurers Club East 6th Street' that we can develop and promote together to commemorate what was one of the most truly unique interactive club experiences ever created in RL. Please feel free to get involved ...just get in-touch:)).....KUNGALUSH!!!......... General.C. Blenheim of the New York Adventurers Club East & 6th Street.
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